10 Reasons For Installing Commercial Air Conditioning

10 Reasons For Installing Commercial Air Conditioning

10 Reasons For Installing Commercial Air Conditioning
10 Reasons For Installing Commercial Air Conditioning

Working in a commercial environment requires a comfortable environment, to ensure employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. Helping to maintain your commercial businesses, warehouse or operation cool and comfortable for customers and employees alike, commercial air conditioning units can prove to be an energy efficient solution to maintaining and regulating your temperature.

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions, including:

  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Office
  • Factory
  • Industrial
  • Controlled environments
  • Inverter energy-saving systems
  • Multi Split systems
  • VRV and VRF systems
  • Close control systems
  • Server room and data centre cooling solutions
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Total heat exchangers
  • DX and chilled water
  • Water and air-cooled systems
  • Factory temperature control
  • Clean rooms
  • Hydronic systems
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Portable air conditioning sales and hire
  • Annual maintenance packages

In this helpful guide, we provide a complete breakdown of commercial and domestic air conditioning installation, offering a list of key reasons why you may consider the services of a proven, professional air conditioning engineer for installation and how this will benefit your commercial industry.

Temperature Regulation

As you’d expect, one of the most important and essential benefits of installing commercial air conditioning is complete control over your temperature regulation. This is particularly significant in commercial environments where heavy operational machinery is commonplace, with the temperature of your equipment increasing quickly, to potentially dangerous levels.

Installing air conditioning in your commercial space will prove vital in regulating your temperature and maintaining a comfortable, safe environment for your and your employees to work without the risk of exhaustion or dehydration.

Workplace Productivity

As an extension of the above point, a commercial environment with an unregulated temperature, one that is either far too hot or far too cold, will greatly impact on your workplace productivity. In an environment with an unregulated temperature, workplace productivity decreases, with energy levels, motivation and employee positivity all affected, therefore impacting upon your efficiency and rate of production.

Installing commercial air conditioning in your building or place of work will ensure your temperature levels are consistently and correctly regulated. Achieving optimum temperatures will improve employee comfort and mood, maintaining productivity no matter the temperature outside.

Noise Levels

A significant advantage of the vast majority of modern commercial air conditioning systems, noise levels or disruptions are kept to a minimum, with very little sound emanating from the system itself even when they are fully operational. This means you can blast cool air across your commercial environment without distractions, ensuring your workplace remains cool, quiet and comfortable.


As suggested, commercial environments use vast amounts of machinery and equipment during operational hours, with advancements in technology benefiting almost every industry. In today’s modern manufacturing environment, start-of-the-art technology is required at every turn, and this is also true of your air conditioning system. Installing a new, commercial air conditioning system will help protect your equipment and machinery as well as the health and well-being of your employees.

Health & Well-Being

Capable of far more than temperature regulation, professionally installed commercial air conditioning systems typically feature modern air filtration systems which help eliminate allergens and other pollutants in the atmosphere, including fungi. This is pivotal in protecting your employee health and well-being and improving overall air quality, thereby boosting positivity, productivity and employee and customer satisfaction. Should you own a commercial business, it is your duty to protect your staff and employees from harm by providing a safe and comfortable environment to work in.

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we recognise the importance of a comfortable working environment for your employees, which is why we’re proud to provide first-class domestic and commercial air conditioning installation for businesses across the South West.

Increased Security

A crucial benefit for commercial businesses, installing an air conditioning system will eliminate the need for opening windows during the hottest periods of the year, thus reducing security risk for your business.

Should you stock vast amounts of expensive equipment and machinery you’ll want to keep your commercial building as safe and secure as possible, and in order to do so, it’s likely you’ll need to keep all your windows and doors locked, which of course prevents fresh air from circulating around your building. By installing air conditioning, you can be safe in the knowledge that your building is protected, whilst cool, refreshing air is still able to keep your employees comfortable and healthy.

Energy Efficient

Able to be entirely tailored to business, air conditioning systems are constantly adapting to the needs of commercial operations, offering a wide range of options to maximise energy efficiency. These will typically include smaller options such as split systems, right up the large scale VRF systems, meaning air conditioning units can be fitted from anywhere between small convenience shops to large office buildings without wasting energy.

Such is their ability to adapt to the current environment, and by extension, the internal and external temperature, air conditioning systems help make the most of your energy. Ensuring you are as energy efficient as possible, air conditioning systems help reduce your utility bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

Reduce Humidity

High levels of humidity can be a serious cause for concern for your employee health and well-being as well as potentially impacting upon your equipment and machinery, due to the increased levels of moisture in the atmosphere. A major advantage of installing commercial air conditioning at your place of business is the ability to regulate your temperature and balance your humidity levels.

Humidity can quickly make any space feel hotter than it is, becoming increasingly uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, but with a professionally installed commercial air conditioning system, you can immediately reduce humidity and protect your employees from discomfort or harm.


Another issue caused by opening your doors and windows during the summer to alleviate heat and humidity levels is allowing all sorts of unwelcome insects, bugs, wasps and flies into your commercial business, which can prove both frustrating and potentially pose great risk. Should you operate in a food-based industry or environment, insects can cause health risks to both customers and employees alike.

By employing the services of a porven air conditioning engineer to install commercial air conditioning will ensure you can close all of your doors and windows during the summer without the risk of overheating, keeping all sorts of critters outside and away from the workplace. This means customer and employee satisfaction will remain high, as they remain comfortable, safe and protected from the potential threat of overheating or contamination.

Improve Feedback

Should you be welcoming visitors to your commercial building, or hosting an event, it’s important that your temperature is regulated, to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed and cool during their time spent at your place of business. You’ll want any potential customers, business partners or visitors to feel comfortable whenever they arrive and throughout their stay, in order to create a positive first impression of your company, thereby improving your reputation.

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