The Benefits of Under Floor Heating

The Benefits of Under Floor Heating

Trying to decide on a heating system for your home or business can be challenging. There are so many options. However, if you’ve been considering an underfloor heating system, then you may be interested in learning more about why this is such a popular choice for home and business owners.

It Is Energy Efficient

Anyone interested in saving money on their electric bill will appreciate the savings that underfloor heating provides. Unlike traditional heating systems where the radiator must be quite hot in order to provide heat throughout the room, underfloor wires or water pipes simply radiate low levels of heat.

Since the heat is throughout the floor, it’s quite efficient and consistent and there’s no need to move it around the space with fans or higher heat.

It Heats Equally

Throughout the space, you’ll have the same heat level, rather than finding yourself dripping sweat close to the radiator and freezing by the door. There are no hot or cold spots because the entire floor is radiating heat. Since heat rises, it drifts up from the floor, warming the entire space evenly.

Minimal Maintenance

Underfloor heating systems do cost more to install upfront, but they are then virtually self-maintaining. Electrical heating systems will be left as is unless there is an issue and require no further follow up or maintenance. Water systems will need to be checked from time to time to prevent leaks or other issues, but this is insignificant overall when compared to boiler and radiator systems.

When you set up a system-dedicated thermostat, the heat levels in the house will be taken care of for you and there’s no need to fuss with it. Choose a WiFi thermostat and you can easily control it from your smartphone and increase energy efficiency.

More Streamlined Look

Radiators can be quite unsightly and they do take up space. They also produce enough heat that you have to carefully consider what to put near them and leave a space. Essentially, a radiator or even an HVAC system will have you trying to work around the heating in your home in order to decorate.

This is simply not necessary when you have heated floors. The heat is so gentle that you don’t need to worry about the effect on furniture and carpets. You’ll also have the walls free for decorating as you please.

Of course, there are some downsides to installing these types of heating systems, such as cost and the need to raise your floor level a little. However, the benefits make these inconveniences seem like nothing and it is rare indeed to find someone who regrets installing underfloor heating.

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