5 Benefits of Good Ventilation in a Commercial Kitchen

5 Benefits of Good Ventilation in a Commercial Kitchen

5 Benefits of Good Ventilation in a Commercial Kitchen

5 Benefits of Good Ventilation in a Commercial Kitchen

One of the most important factors of a successful commercial kitchen is cleanliness.

Those in charge of a commercial kitchen must ensure that it is a clean and safe place to work and prepare food – and a crucial aspect of this is a good commercial kitchen ventilation system. Proper ventilation in a commercial kitchen is extremely important – not only does it ensure the health and safety of staff, but also the longevity of the kitchen itself.

Here are the five benefits of a ventilation system in commercial kitchens:

1.  Improves air quality

When cooking food, lots of irritants are released into the air including heat, smoke, steam, airborne particles and odours. In a poorly ventilated kitchen, these factors can cause irritation to employees and even customers in the restaurant by getting in their eyes, skin and lungs.

A good ventilation system will remove these irritants from the air, protecting your employees’ and customers’ health.

2.  Removes grease

When frying food, grease can evaporate, become airborne, and deposit itself on walls and ceilings. This can lead to a build-up of moisture which causes wall discolouration and eventually mould.

A kitchen with poor ventilation will often be extremely greasy which is extremely unhygienic and can cause lots of health problems for the staff working in it.

Kitchen ventilation systems help to remove grease particles from the air for a safe and clean kitchen environment.

3.  Removes bad odours

Some foods, no matter how delicious to eat, produce a strong, foul odour, such as fish. No one wants to work in a kitchen with a foul smell, so it is important to install a good ventilation system to stop unwanted smells from affecting the working environment and travelling to guests in the dining area.

4.  Keeps your kitchen cool

With all the cookers, fryers, steam and hot food in the kitchen, it can become uncomfortably hot very quickly. A good ventilation system cools the temperature down, allowing employees to work comfortably and more efficiently.

5.  Legal requirements

It is a health and safety requirement that commercial kitchens provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace. Failure to comply can result in your kitchen being closed down.

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