What work can a refrigeration engineer perform?

A refrigeration engineer is in charge of installing refrigeration systems. This could be fridges, installed in commercial settings such as restaurants and warehouses. They also maintain the systems, checking that they are operating as they should and fixing them if any issues arise. At Ian Hobbs, we have a versatile set of skills in refrigeration, so no matter what you want to achieve, we can help.

Can air conditioning engineers fix any AC system?

Depending on the type of air conditioning unit that you have had installed, it’s best to check with any potential air conditioning engineer company before hiring them. This way, you can obtain the specialist you need, resulting in the best care and concern possible for your damaged unit. If you’re yet to have an AC system installed, choose a supplier who can maintain your AC system, to prevent any future issues becoming difficult to resolve.

Why does my business need a refrigeration company?

When opening a shop, restaurant or even warehouse, the need for a fridge grows. A refrigeration company can help you choose exactly which system you need, from display units to cold rooms. These will be maintained on your behalf, so you need not worry about any delays in having your vital appliances fixed. Businesses are legally required to store food and drink items at the appropriate temperature, whether chilled or frozen, so refrigeration companies will resolve issues as quickly as possible.

What do I do if my walk-in cold room is faulty?

If your workplace walk-in cold room is faulty, it’s important to get in contact with your refrigeration company as soon as possible. A faulty cold room leaves you liable to legal action as a business if left unresolved, as the UK has strict laws on how food should be stored. Similarly, if you work in the medical field, it’s important for medicines to be stored properly. Get in touch with our team at Ian Hobbs as soon as possible to see how we can help.

What’s the difference between a domestic and commercial electrician?

There are a fair amount of differences between these two types of electricians. A domestic electrician will fix small issues in your home, such as lighting issues or repairs. A commercial electrician, on the other hand, works on a much larger scale. This could be installation of electrical appliances in restaurants, for example, monitoring where the place needs extra work. Hospitals, for example, require regular and routine maintenance of refrigerators and air conditioning units, which is exactly where a commercial electrician can help.

 Why should I use fridge hire services?

For short-term projects, building an entire refrigeration unit can be both fruitless and needlessly costly. Instead, fridge hire services can be a wonderful solution. A fridge trailer, for example, is an easily transportable fix for temporary storage of items that need to be chilled. 24/7 call out with Ian Hobbs Technical Services means we can provide emergency support, letting your business operate as normal even at the worst of times.