5 Signs Your Cold Room Needs Servicing

5 Signs Your Cold Room Needs Servicing

Cold rooms are often treated quite differently than a refrigerator and may not always receive the maintenance they need. If you notice that your cold room is no longer working as well as before, you should consider calling in a technician to look at it. Here are some signs that your cold storage is no longer working efficiently.

1. Puddles on the floor

Liquid on the floor is never a good sign and, in a freezer space, it can mean that something has thawed enough to leak. If your space is supposed to be frozen, you should never find liquid there. However, even in a chilled space, this can be an issue.

If the cold room unit is leaking and this is the reason for the liquid, which may be refrigerant, then you need to call a tech immediately.

2. Your energy bills are unexpectedly higher

An inefficient cooling system will drive your energy bills up and this can be frustrating, particularly if you’ve already dealt with everything else that could be causing the excess spending. Have your unit serviced as soon as possible to avoid paying even more in energy bills, as a worn-down cooling unit can end up costing far more than a repair.

3. Ice has formed

Just like a regular freezer, if you spot ice building up in your cold room, on the door, walls, or the evaporator coils, something is going on. It will need to be checked out by a qualified repair person who can ensure your space is functioning as it should.

4. Too much noise

While a cold room compressor does make some noise, it shouldn’t be excessively noisy. You may find that the fan is dirty, and this is the reason for the extra noise. In this case, it’s a matter of simply cleaning the fan blades, which can accumulate dust and debris over time. However, if you continue to hear buzzing or other sounds, you should contact a repair person to help find the problem.

5. Food begins to spoil

There are many things to watch for in your walk-in fridge or freezer, but spoiled food will be quite obvious. If your supply is deteriorating faster than usual, there may be warm spots throughout the space, or the temperature may be fluctuating. Both of these issues can cause food spoilage.

It’s important to maintain your cold room just as you would maintain any other piece of equipment in your business. Regular maintenance can help prevent the issues mentioned here, but you should also carry out inspections from time to time.

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