6 Ways You Can Make Your Office Even More Productive

Office spaces are constantly changing and with so many people now working from home, the working lifestyle is changing even more. As a result of this, creating the perfect office space for your organisation is becoming increasingly important.

The last thing any business owner wants is for employees to loathe coming into the office, so creating a worthwhile environment is definitely in your best interest. Our six pointers to creating the perfect, productive office space for your employees! And, if you’re looking for ways to improve your home office space, some of these ideas could definitely apply.

Space & Layout

Your office or workspace is a huge reflection on your working life. Having an appropriate amount of space in your office is essential. You want your employees to feel as though they have adequate space to work and enough room to stretch their legs every now and then. You don’t want a space that is too crowded and you want to ensure that there is enough storage, filing systems…etc. Having a cluttered space is a huge reason people might be unproductive.

Some quick ideas to declutter:

  • Get rid of things you don’t actually need
  • Give everything a home
  • Keep enough bins around the office
  • Keep your office equipment (printers, stationary, shredders) in an accessible location for everyone to use

After you have gotten your space nice and clear, you want to think about the layout of your office. Again, you want to avoid the idea of ‘clutter’ and ensure everyone, including yourself, has a good amount of space to work comfortably in. You might already have an idea of what kind of layout might suit your organisation the best. If you do seem to be struggling with layout options, you can always consult your colleagues to see what they think! This might inspire some beneficial ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Maximise On Natural Light

When it comes to productivity, natural light is your best friend. Natural light is an effective way to reduce eye strain, headaches and blurry vision. These are all common results of looking at artificial and blue light all day, causing fatigue in lots of employees. Natural light can combat this.

Additionally, on sunnier days, natural light will provide a great source of vitamin D throughout the day, boosting people’s moods and morale. Some companies have seen an increase in productivity from anywhere between 2% and 15%!

Colour Schemes

Colour schemes are also extremely important when it comes to concentrating in an office space. It’s easy to overlook the more decorative elements of your office, such as colour scheme but it can have a big effect on productivity, creativity and focus. Different colours can be useful for different things:

  • Blue – This is a really common colour theme for lots of offices, as blue can promote efficiency and wellbeing. Fast paced environments often suit shades of blue and they can be stress relieving. It is important to be careful with shades of blue, as they can often reflect sadness, but a sky blue or a soft blue would work perfectly for your organisation.
  • Green – Green is also a common office colour, which is known for its calming and harmonious aesthetic. Its association with the natural world makes it stimulating yet serene, perfect for a balance of productivity and well-being. It also goes perfectly with a range of neutral shades too, enhancing its calming nature.
  • Yellow – A bolder colour choice, yet still a beneficial one. Yellow is a great choice for more creative spaces, encouraging a more optimistic mindset and inspiring collaboration. Overuse of yellow can create an eye-sore, due to its garishness, but a tasteful use of yellow can go a long way in your office.
  • White / Neutral – For cleaner, more clinical spaces, white and neutral shades are probably the way to go. They can make a space feel bigger and more open. Combined with a lot of natural light, white can really open up a room. If you are going for a more clean aesthetic, white can be a good choice, but it does carry a reputation of being uninspiring in some workplaces. With the right combination of complementary elements, white can work in some office spaces.

There are many other colours you can use in your office space, but if we are focusing on productivity, these are 4 solid colour choices to consider!


There is plenty of research out there explaining how having plants in your office workspace has a plethora of positive effects. Plants are great for a number of reasons:

  • Helping to reduce stress – The colour green is a great choice for a calm and serene office space. This can be useful in promoting clear thinking and quality work from yourself and your employees.
  • Cleaning the air – Plants absorb the carbon dioxide in the air in order to photosynthesise. By doing this, they make the air cleaner for us to breathe, giving you an objectively healthier environment to work in.
  • Boosting creativity – Natural elements can do wonders for creative minds, making employees feel more relaxed and in turn, better at concentrating.
  • Enhancing workspace aesthetic – Aside from all the physical and mental benefits plants can have on us, they bring a natural element into your indoor space. They are aesthetically pleasing, and they can make your workspace more attractive to both employees and visitors.

There are plenty more benefits of having plants in your workplace, and all these benefits contribute to the overall productivity of your office!

Temperature Control

Keeping you and your employees nice and comfortable is another key element of increasing productivity. Office temperature can be a big debate, and lots of research has shown that employees who are distracted by an uncomfortable temperature tend to be more unproductive.

Investing in good commercial air conditioning and heating is a good idea for your office. It will help your employees feel more comfortable at work and help them settle into their working day from the get go. Smart controls on your air conditioning and heating can also be useful, allowing people to access and change the temperature as it suits them.

Finding the optimum temperature for your office can be a challenge. While research suggests approximately 21 to 23 degrees Celsius, all offices are different, so it can be difficult to generalise. Whether your staff prefer things warm and toasty, or a little on the cooler side, temperature controls will help them feel settled and more comfortable.


Having updated and reliable technology is essential to a productive, functioning office. The last thing any business needs is faulty equipment that hinders people’s performance. Ensuring that your facilities are all operating smoothly is vital. Here are few ways that investing in good tech can help your business or organisation:

  • Use online group chats to communicate more efficiently
  • Track employee time with ease
  • Sharing files is more streamlined
  • Company devices can all become easily accessible and connected
  • Simplify lots of tasks, make online notes, collaborate online…etc.

These benefits of technology can help your office to run nice and seamlessly day to day. You will be creating a strong environment for your employees and a more dynamic way to collaborate. By streamlining your operation, you can really get the best out of your employees.

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