Five Factors to Consider for a Comfortable Office

Five Factors to Consider for a Comfortable Office

The importance of designing and maintaining a comfortable work environment cannot be understated; no matter the industry or sector, the environment you work in has a huge impact on the quality of work your company produces. This is because a comfortable workplace can help your employees stay productive and engaged throughout the day, impress clients and visitors, and reduce absenteeism rates significantly. With this in mind, here are five key factors to consider for a comfortable office.


The temperature of your office will play a huge role in the productivity of your employees. If your workforce is too hot, they will feel sleepy, drowsy and uncomfortable; if your team members are too cold, they will become more vulnerable to coughs and colds. Make sure your office remains at the optimal room temperature (which is typically considered to be between 20-22 degrees) throughout the year by installing air conditioning and central heating. This way, you can adjust the temperature of the office depending on your employees’ feedback.


Lighting is another key factor to consider when running an office. It must be light enough that your employees can operate without squinting their eyes or feeling drowsy, but not too bright that they develop headaches or eye pain. Take advantage of sunlight by keeping office windows free from obstruction and opt for LED lighting to mimic natural bright light. LED lighting is widely recognised as the most appropriate lighting style for productive workplaces, so now is the time to move away from fluorescent bulbs.


If you’ve ever spent time in a stuffy office, you’ll understand just how important it is to keep workplaces well-ventilated. Access to fresh air is hugely beneficial for employees, so open your windows where possible to encourage circulation and keep your workforce comfortable. You may also need to consider installing ventilation systems, such as extraction fans, in your bathroom and kitchen areas; these can keep fresh air flowing through your office and remove unpleasant odours.


Office employees spend the vast majority of their day seated. As a result, muscle and joint pains are common amongst desk workers – as are days off work due to back and shoulder problems. With this in mind, it pays to invest in ergonomic furniture for your staff. From standing desks to desk chairs with lumbar support, investing in your employees’ comfort can go a long way in terms of productivity and satisfaction.


Making sure your office is clean and tidy must be standard practice for all managers. Poor hygiene will not only distract your employees and create an unprofessional environment, but it could also contribute to staff sickness and absenteeism. Make sure the office is cleaned on a daily basis to prevent build-ups of dirt and other related issues, such as mould, and keep on top of any maintenance issues that require attention. For instance, if the toilets block regularly, hire a plumber to take care of the problem.

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