Four Benefits of Installing a Cold Room in Your Commercial Kitchen

Four Benefits of Installing a Cold Room in Your Commercial Kitchen

Every commercial kitchen needs somewhere cool, safe and well-ventilated to store food. Certain ingredients need to be refrigerated and it’s essential that the right commercial refrigeration system is installed for the safety of both your customers and employees.

Cold rooms over a huge array of benefits in comparison to a standard refrigerator and there’s plenty of reasons why you should consider installing one in your commercial kitchen.

Greater storage capacity

Cold rooms offer a far greater storage capacity than a standard refrigerator. No matter what type of establishment you run in the hospitality restaurant – whether it’s a Michelin star restaurant or a catering company – it’s important you have enough space and stock to see you through busy periods. Cold rooms are generally much bigger than commercial refrigerators and will ensure you have the capacity to store food.

Better organisation

A cluttered, unorganised refrigerator will only slow down your employees when looking for ingredients. This will slow down food prep, cooking, service – everything. As cold rooms are larger than commercial refrigerators, you have the luxury and freedom to organise the multiple shelves as you wish. Say goodbye to rummaging around the back of a fridge; instead, you can walk right in and access all ingredients you need on foot.

Temperature control

The temperature of a cold room can easily be adjusted, making it suitable for a huge range of different purposes – from storing frozen items to refrigerating fruit and vegetables. This is particularly appealing for seasonal businesses which may need to store different goods in their cold room during different times of the year.


Put simply, cold rooms are extremely convenient. Not only do they offer greater storage capacity, but they also allow you to access ingredients quickly and easily. For example, if someone orders a dish you haven’t cooked for a while, you can easily collect the necessary ingredients from the cold room instead of rummaging around the back of your refrigerator.

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