Four Benefits of LED Lighting

Four Benefits of LED Lighting

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, ensuring that you are as energy efficient as possible is essential. As well as helping the environment, it can also drastically reduce your monthly bills! Installing LED lighting is a great way to improve your energy efficiency. Here, we discuss this and the other benefits of LED lighting.

LED Lighting Lasts Much Longer Than Other Bulbs

One of the best benefits of LED lighting is that it lasts much longer than any other type of bulb. Typical incandescent bulbs last for as long as 2,000 hours, whereas LED lighting can last up to 50,000 hours! Although LED bulbs are often more expensive than other bulbs, their long-lasting lifespan means that they are most cost-effective over time.

More Energy Efficient

As well as lasting much longer than other types of lights, LED bulbs also transfer more of the energy they consume into light. This means that they are more energy-efficient to other bulbs – like incandescents – which transfer much of the energy they consume into heat.

Bright Light

LEDs are often brighter than other lights while using less energy and lasting longer. A 40-watt LEG bulb can produce around 4,000 lumens whereas the same wattage incandescent bulb will only produce 450 lumens and a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) would product 2,400.


Finally, LED lights are also very versatile. These bulbs are an excellent choice for a wide range of colours and can also be used for directional lighting and dimming. This makes them the most versatile bulbs available on the market.

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