Four Signs You Need Cold Room Repair

Four Signs You Need Cold Room Repair

Four Signs You Need Cold Room Repair

Four Signs You Need Cold Room Repair
Four Signs You Need Cold Room Repair

A cold room is a large, walk-in chamber that’s kept at a specific artificially generated temperature. You’ll often find cold rooms in supermarkets, restaurants and food factories, but they can be used to refrigerate a variety of items besides food. Cold rooms are often used to store flowers, medicines and even clothes, and these refrigerated spaces can be installed in a building or as a refrigerated trailer to transport goods on the move.

As you can see, cold rooms play a vital role in the daily transportation and storage of vital goods like food or medicine, so what happens if something goes wrong? It’s important to seek professional help right away if you suspect an issue with your cold room, so see below for four warning signs that you need cold room repairs.


If you notice telltale droplets of water on the inside of your cold room, chances are that it’s not maintaining its temperature efficiently. Check the rubber sealing around the door; if it’s wet or has signs of mould or mildew then this may be the issue. An inefficient seal means that your cold room won’t stay cold enough, so seek repairs right away.

Ice forming

This might sound like a good thing, but buildups of ice are actually a sign that your cold room is overloaded. Check for ice around the door, the evaporator coils and inside the room itself. Large chunks of ice suggest that the temperature isn’t right and the unit won’t be able to maintain proper airflow.

Spoiling goods

Spoiling food or items that are deteriorating much faster than you should is one obvious sign that there’s an issue. You may have a warm spot in your cold room or a fault with the system which means it can’t maintain a stable temperature. Spoilt goods can cost your business a lot of money, so arrange professional repairs as soon as possible.

Unusual noises

Most refrigeration units make a small amount of noise, but an excessive buzzing sound is cause for concern. In some cases the problem might be as simple as a dirty fan that needs cleaning, so regularly remove build ups of dirt and grime. If the noise persists then you may have an issue with the compressor or another component in the system.

If you’re in need of cold room installation or maintenance, get in touch with the experts at Ian Hobbs Technical Services. We specialise in the design and installation of cold rooms to suit our client’s specific needs and our team is on hand to carry out any necessary maintenance and repairs. Our comprehensive range of cold room services include refrigerated trailers, cold store and freezer stores, insulated doors, hygiene areas and much more, so give us a call today or contact us online to find out more.

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