How to Keep Your Office Warm This Winter

How to Keep Your Office Warm This Winter

How to Keep Your Office Warm This Winter
How to Keep Your Office Warm This Winter

As the warm weather has slipped away and the temperature is rapidly dropping, now is the time to start thinking of efficient ways to keep your office warm this winter.

While the main components, such as your boiler and central heating system, plus how well-insulated your doors and windows are should be a priority, there are also smaller changes you can make that can go a long way in helping you feel warmer this winter.

Use blinds efficiently

It is important that you use your blinds efficiently to get the most out of their use. Blinds should be kept open until 3 pm to allow sunlight to flood through the window and heat your office. After 3 pm, close your blinds to trap the heat in and block out any chilly air from outside.

The sun usually sets at around 4 pm in the height of winter, so sticking to this routine will allow you to get the maximum benefit out of your office blinds.

Close all the doors and windows

While this might seem obvious, closing doors and windows is an easy way to keep heat in a room. Leaving doors open is a fast way to let heat escape from a room, and will mean you’re more likely to turn the heating up. During a working day, make sure to close the doors of your office to trap heat in.

It goes without saying that windows should be kept shut during winter too.

Encourage employees to layer up

If you own an open-plan office with a relaxed dress code, you might find that some employees will arrive dressed in warm winter clothing whereas some will wear t-shirts. This can cause some conflict over whether windows should be open or the heating should be turned up higher.

To avoid this, try and encourage employees to wear more layers and dress up warm. This will save you money on heating and ensure that all of your employees are kept warm all day long.

Upgrade your boiler

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it may be time to replace it with a new and more efficient one. Upgrading your boiler can save you a considerable amount of money.

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