Refrigeration Hire: A Complete Guide To An Essential Service

Centuries of innovation have allowed human beings to store and consume fresh food in a wide variety of ways. Before the days of modern machinery, produce such as meat, fruit and vegetables were stored at room temperature, covered or wrapped in various ways for freshness. Since the early 1900s, initial progress in the development of mechanical ice machines was built upon to create a working refrigeration system, where this allowed food to stay cool or to be frozen. Today, these systems are depended on in both a domestic and a commercial setting in order to keep our food fresh.

Fridges vary widely in size, from your standard home mini fridge to industrial sized walk-in freezers, where each of these is designed to serve a specific purpose. Whether you’re looking to cool down a few beers on your front porch or if you’d like to keep an entire cut of meat fresh for your restaurant diners, then you will require a refrigeration system that you can depend on.

Sometimes your infrastructure cannot support your specific refrigeration needs, whether you’ve run out of space at home or at your place of work. In other situations, you may require a mobile refrigeration system to get the job done. These contexts demand an innovative kind of fridge solution, where refrigeration hire can deliver the flexibility and freshness you need at a moment’s notice. Read on to learn more about refrigeration hire, including its key uses and benefits.

Key Reasons To Hire A Refrigeration System

For those of us who depend on our fridges only for daily use, it can be difficult to imagine when you might need to hire a refrigeration system. But for those of us undertaking larger scale projects or working in the hospitality sector, fridge hire is a vital resource that should not be overlooked. Some of the key contexts that may require refrigeration hire include:

Commercial Fridge Malfunctions

For restaurants, bars and cafes, a refrigerator is a vital resource for keeping food fresh and complying with strict health regulations. As such, if a fridge falls into disrepair, then this can have major consequences for the business as a whole, potentially resulting in closures or a loss of customer confidence. A solution to this kind of problem is to hire a temporary fridge to bridge the gap whilst the main refrigeration system is repaired. This can help to keep the business up and running whilst preventing unnecessary food waste.

Refrigerator Overflow

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough space in the fridge to store all the necessary food and drinks. On a domestic scale, this may be the case if you’re hosting a large dinner party or formal event, where you want to prepare additional food ahead of time. A hired fridge can ensure that you have plenty of space to keep things fresh. On a commercial scale, a hired refrigeration system can be ideal if your business is expanding to account for additional demand. These temporary hires can help you to appeal to the needs of your customer base whilst you add to your existing infrastructure.

Outdoor Events & Entertainment

Another industry that can benefit from refrigeration hire is the events sector. Outdoor entertainment such as festivals and events such as weddings and parties can all benefit from having a mobile refrigeration system that can be moved up close to the action. This can help to keep drinks cool and food fresh, even in summer weather. These relocatable systems are also perfect for mobile food and drinks businesses, where additional infrastructure can be hired on a temporary basis to allow for increased flexibility when on the move.

Essential Benefits Of Refrigeration Hire

Hiring a refrigeration system can be beneficial for numerous contexts and situations, where the advantages to be gained are widespread. Some of these key benefits can include:


Buying a brand new refrigeration system outright can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to invest in large commercial fridges or cold rooms. You may not have the funds yet to make this kind of financial commitment, or you may prefer to direct your funds towards different aspects of your business. As such, refrigeration hire can provide you with the perfect alternative, where you can reap all the benefits of expanding your infrastructure without worrying about making a large initial payment.


There’s nothing worse than investing in a large, expensive piece of machinery for your home or business and then realising that you didn’t actually need it. If you buy a refrigerator outright, its resale value will immediately plummet on first use, making it difficult to change your mind or adapt to evolving business conditions at a later stage.  Alternatively, if you choose a hire service instead, you will have flexibility built in. Hiring allows you to try out different models and sizes of equipment to find out what’s best for you. You can then commit to one model at a later date or continue to hire as and when you need to.

Minimal Maintenance

When you own a piece of equipment or machinery outright, you will be responsible for its upkeep. This includes breakdown repairs, servicing and making sure that everything is cleaned to the required standard. These tasks can quickly become expensive, especially if you experience a major malfunction. If you choose to hire your refrigeration equipment instead, then the hire company will take on much of the responsibility for these costs. They will ensure that everything is serviced and remains in good working order, so you can focus on more important matters.

Modern Technologies

Hiring increases flexibility in numerous areas, meaning that you’re not tied to one piece of equipment for a long period of time. In addition to this being appropriate for a changing business model, it can also be beneficial to help you to stay up to date with modern technology. Like anything else in the technical world, fridges are regularly updated and improved to appeal to a changing market. This can include better temperature controls and energy efficiency updates, all of which you can benefit from if you choose to hire your equipment, rather than committing to the outright purchase of equipment that will quickly become outdated.

Expert Advice

In addition to the numerous benefits listed above, hiring your refrigeration equipment also allows you to benefit from the expert advice of your hiring team. Whether you need a fridge for domestic or commercial purposes, it can be difficult to know which model is right for you. Each fridge is designed for different chilling contexts, where some get colder than others whilst some are cheaper to run. Working with a hiring company means you have access to a wide range of industry experts who can tell you exactly what will work for you. This is infinitely better than going it alone and potentially making an incorrect choice for your needs.

Environmental Benefits

Hiring rather than buying is typically better for the environment, where this also applies to refrigerators. Lots of businesses and individuals will buy a fridge that goes underused, or they will dispose of a fridge that no longer suits their needs. Hiring allows for a better use of resources, where those who only need this kind of equipment on a temporary basis can return the fridge when they no longer need it, rather than accumulating unnecessary waste.

Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd: Refrigerator Hire To Suit Your Requirements

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we offer a comprehensive fridge hire service to suit both domestic and commercial contexts. Our refrigeration trailers can provide a range of temperatures to help keep your produce fresh, where standard fridge levels range from +0°c and +5°c, whilst our freezers can reach temperatures of -22°c. Standard models measure 11.22 cubic metres and can be connected to a domestic plug socket or a power generator. We also provide internal shelving, waterproof lighting and a securing wheel clamp included in the hire cost.

In addition to this, we can supply a range of commercial display fridges for your business, as well as offering a full fridge maintenance and repair service. Alongside our fridge range, we also offer commercial and domestic air conditioning installations. Get in touch with us today to find out more.