Server Room & Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Server Room & Data Centre Cooling Solutions

In 2016, we’re in an age of technology and running a business without computers is like trying to breathe without lungs. Server rooms are now at the heart of every business and it’s vital to ensure that the computer hardware is not going to overheat, causing them to slow down, shut down, or even cause a total crash which may cause loss of data.

Whether your company has got a single server or an entire server room, Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd have top expertise in installing air conditioning units to keep your servers at the correct temperature all year round. We provide a free site survey and provide a high quality of service and installation.

If a server has failed, it can be deemed catastrophic for many businesses, (even for an hour or two) so we strongly recommend that an additional unit is installed as an emergency backup to ensure your equipment is not going to become vulnerable if a fault occurs on your main air conditioning system.

If you do not have this emergency backup and find yourself in a sticky situation, Ian Hobbs Technical Services also hire and sell portable air conditioning units to help maintain an ambient temperature whilst your unit is down and we can send an engineer to repair your broken unit too.

Here at Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we also offer a range of business maintenance packages designed to ensure these vital systems and equipment stay in the best condition possible; essential for running your business efficiently.

In the event of a breakdown make sure that you are covered by one of Ian Hobbs Technical Services Maintenance agreements for added peace of mind. Please remember that the EU F-Gas Regulations make it a legal requirement for you to ensure that a qualified engineer inspects your air conditioning equipment regularly. As well as being a legal requirement, regular maintenance ensures your unit runs at its optimum efficiency and helps to extend the life span of your equipment.

Remember, paying that little bit more for a high quality of equipment and installation can work out much more cost effective in the long run as well as much more reliable! It’s looking after a lot of very expensive and important equipment!

We can keep your equipment cool and keep you cool!

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