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The Benefits of Mobile Fridge Hire for Outdoor Seasonal Events

It’s that time of the year again where we all don woolly scarves and bobble hats and head out to enjoy the festivities of winter events, warming our cockles with a steaming cup of hot chocolate (or maybe even a mulled wine!) and a sizzling Bratwurst.

Such events that sell these festive foods and drinks will, of course, need somewhere to store all the ingredients that need to be kept cool, ready to be made fresh for the large number of visitors they receive. This isn’t always the easiest considering that they’re often located outside, which is where mobile fridge hire comes in to save the day.

Mobile fridge hire is as the name suggests – a trailer fridge that can be hired for events and stationed outside, allowing perishables to be kept from spoiling in environments where there is no alternative access to a fridge or cold room. These trailers often come with an extra long cable, so they can be connected to an internal power source or generator whilst remaining outside.

This makes them ideal for outdoor seasonal events where there are numerous food and drink stalls, so that vendors can keep any ingredients cold and make food/drinks fresh to order for customers to enjoy. Read on below as we explore different examples of such events that could reap the benefits mobile fridge hire has to offer, as well as listing exactly what these benefits are in more detail.

What Seasonal Events May Require Fridge Hire?

Christmas Markets

Often filled with plentiful stools showcasing handmade creations, decorations and gifts to buy, along with fun-filled activities and games and, of course, food and drinks stands, Christmas markets are beloved by many throughout December.

Running throughout the majority of the month in many cities across the UK, these markets naturally see a large number of visitors. As such, the food and drinks vendors must ensure that they have the resources to cater to these numbers.

Part of the joy of these stands is that you get to watch them make your food fresh to order in front of you, ensuring that it’s piping hot ready for you to enjoy. However, in order to do so, they will need to keep any ingredients fresh by keeping them chilled – such as in a mobile fridge.

Christmas Lights Turn-Ons

Towns and cities across the country will often put on a special event for locals towards the end of November, when they turn on their Christmas lights. This is a celebration enjoyed by many, with friends, couples and families alike turning up to witness the moment the lights come to life.

Of course, no one wants to be stood around with nothing to do whilst waiting for this to happen, which is why there will often be a range of activities, attractions and entertainment at these events. This will often include festive food and drinks stalls, as well as local food businesses who wish to promote their food – it’s the perfect opportunity to hand out menus to locals whilst giving them a taste of the food offered, all while making some extra revenue.

Since these events only take place on one night each year, fridge hire is the ideal temporary solution to meet vendors’ cooling needs.

Winter Wonderlands

Perhaps most easily described as a blend of the two aforementioned events, winter wonderlands are renowned for their festive fun. The most well-known Winter Wonderland is that in Hyde Park in London (although other cities do hold their own), where things are truly done on a large scale; you’ll find an array of coaster rides, an ice skating rink, funsize attractions, Christmas market stalls and, this year, even a circus!

What else is there on top of all that? The food and drink markets and stalls. Not only will you find a selection of both sweet and savoury food traditionally associated with Christmas, but you’ll also find a range of other cuisines suiting different dietary requirements.

Given the larger size winter wonderlands tend to be, it should come as no surprise that these events must take place outside in an area large enough to accommodate the entirety of the set-up. As such, access to a fridge is especially limited – even if there were an indoor fridge or cold room nearby, this could be on the complete other side of the venue for some food stalls.

Mobile fridge trailers, then, provide an accessible option for vendors across the venue, since they can be stationed wherever is most practical.

The Benefits of Mobile Fridge Hire

Ensure Food Safety & Quality

The main benefit of refrigerated trailers is their purpose itself – to maintain the integrity of food items. Refrigerators are essential for ensuring that certain foodstuffs remain fresh and safe to eat. At public events, this is especially integral, since vendors have the responsibility of ensuring that their food is safe for public consumption.

Furthermore, it’s also in their best interest to serve food of the highest quality, as this will reflect well on their business and has the potential to attract new customers outside of the event they are serving at.

Here at Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd, our fridge trailers range between 0-5℃ for chillers and 0–22℃ for freezers, ensuring that all food is stored at the correct temperature and reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses from occurring as a result of bacteria contamination.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Due to the temporary nature of these events, only a temporary cooling solution will be required. There is no need to purchase a brand new unit simply for events that happen once a year – even if they do run for a whole month at a time. This could take several years for the cost to break-even, during which the value and effectiveness of the unit would gradually decline.

In comparison, mobile fridge hire works out as much more cost-effective. Rather than paying a flat rate, you only have to pay for the fridge trailer for as long as you require it. This can easily be taken into account within your budget and means you’ll be getting your full money’s worth from the fridge as it meets all your needs.

Not only that, but many companies will offer competitive rates; so, by hiring from a reliable company, such as Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd, you can trust that you’ll be charged a realistic price that suits your requirements.

Support Local Suppliers

These seasonal events are ideal for offering local suppliers the opportunity to showcase their produce and cooking. This creates a great sense of community, whilst encouraging the local economy to flourish. However, being local, many of these businesses may still be small and may not be able to afford fridge hire themselves.

By providing fridge hire, you are allowing all the food vendors at the event to safely store their produce at the appropriate temperature, so they can meet consumer demand should they receive high levels of popularity throughout the event. This can even help prevent food waste, since vendors are more likely to sell out if their stock is maintained to the optimal condition.

Endless Practicality

Fridge trailers are endlessly convenient and adaptable. One of the reasons they are so great for outdoor events is because they can be set up wherever is the most convenient and practical to access, whilst their long cables means they can still be easily connected to the closest power source (e.g. a generator).

Not only that, but they are highly adaptable on the inside to suit various needs, with removable shelving that allows the space to be utilised however is most effective. This would also be good for segregating food that belongs to different vendors, if multiple people are using the same fridge trailer to store their food.

Lastly, the ability to control the internal temperature means this can be altered depending on the external temperature and weather conditions, ensuring that everything inside is preserved in the optimal conditions.

Fridge Hire Near Me

If you’re looking for fridge hire in Somerset or beyond, then look to us here at Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd.

Covering the South West, we are proud to offer reliable and reputable fridge hire services. We offer both chiller and freezer trailers, both of which include removable shelving, a 60-watt waterproof light, 20 metres of cable and a security wheel clamp – all of which are included in the hire cost, making our mobile fridges ideal to rely on for your outdoor seasonal event.

For more information regarding our fridge hire services and to obtain a quote, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.