Three Instances Where Your Business Will Benefit From Refrigeration Hire

Three Instances Where Your Business Will Benefit From Refrigeration Hire

Three Instances Where Your Business Will Benefit From Refrigeration Hire
Three Instances Where Your Business Will Benefit From Refrigeration Hire

Running a business is a dynamic process that can ebb and flow and which can throw up problems left right and centre. Whether you need to hire a fridge for emergency purposes, for an event, or for temporary extra storage, Ian Hobbs has plenty of options available.

Here are three instances where your hospitality or food business will benefit from hiring a refrigeration unit.

1. Emergency Hire

The last thing your business needs is a malfunctioning or broken refrigeration unit. If this happens, you could be faced with unhappy customers as these issues will likely interfere with the quality of your food and service. In many instances, you might even need to temporarily shut the business whilst the problem is fixed and you’ll need to throw away a lot of produce.

If you find yourself in this situation, hiring a fridge is an excellent temporary solution. At Ian Hobbs, we can provide you with a van or a trailer which have hardly any setup requirements, and which work with standard 3-pin electricity sockets.

2. Festivals and Events

As owners of hospitality businesses will understand, festivals and events are prime opportunities to make a profit whilst promoting their services. However, it’s likely that these events will be a significant distance from your business and this means that you can only bring a limited amount of produce with you.

In this situation, the best solution is to hire a fridge. Because Ian Hobbs offer van and refrigeration hire with both fridge and freezing capabilities, you can customise your setup to best fit your business’ requirements. You could use the van as a freezer unit and the trailer as a fridge which will allow you to transport all the produce and products you’ll need in one big go!

3. Temporary Extra Storage Requirements

However, there are many instances where businesses might need temporary extra storage besides festivals and events. Perhaps your business premises are undergoing construction or important maintenance work which requires you to find alternative storage. Or maybe you experience a boost in sales at particular times of the year but it isn’t cost-effective to permanently expand your cold storage or refrigeration units.

Regardless of the situation, Ian Hobbs has the fridge to meet your needs. If a van or a trailer won’t be big enough then we also have modular options. These are transported in separate parts and then constructed on-site, making them ideal for areas that are hard to access like pedestrianised zones or premises that aren’t at ground level.

At Ian Hobbs, we want to help businesses run smoothly and to thrive to the best of their abilities. Regardless of whether you need long-term or short-term hire, and if you need a van, a trailer, a modular unit, or any additional services like collection and delivery or cables and lights, we have everything you’ll need.

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