Two workers installing a solar panel onto a rooftop

What are the Benefits of Solar Panel Installation?

Team of two engineers installing solar panels on roof.

The sun is a powerful energy source which people have harnessed for thousands of years. Due to its sustainability and cost effectiveness, solar energy has grown in popularity substantially over the past decade. If you’ve been considering solar panel installation, read on to discover its many benefits.

Renewable energy source

The best aspect of solar panel installation is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. Unlike with other means of generating energy, we will not run out of solar energy – it will be accessible to us as long as we have the sun.

Reduced electricity bills

Amid the cost of living crisis, you’ll want to be cutting back on energy costs as much as you can. Solar panels can cause a reduction in bills, as they will be taking the pressure off your regular electricity or heat usage. Especially relevant for businesses using commercial solar panels, this switch can have huge benefits because the large system size can cover big chunks of your energy bills.

An additional benefit is that there’s also a possibility to receive payments for the surplus energy that you export back to the grid through the  Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) if you generate more electricity than you use (considering that your solar panel system is connected to the grid).

Diverse applications

A huge selling point for solar panels is that they can be used for diverse purposes. You’ll be able to generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal), sometimes in areas that don’t have access to the energy grid. There’s also the potential to distil water in regions with limited clean water supplies and even power satellites in space.

When it comes to your home or business, solar panels can be integrated into the materials used for buildings – recently, transparent solar energy windows were introduced.

Low maintenance costs

Solar energy systems do not require a lot of maintenance – you only need to keep them relatively clean and this only needs to be done a few times a year. As there are no moving parts, there is also no wear and tear. The only thing that may require changing is the inverter, which should be replaced after 5-10 years due to its continuous work converting solar energy into electricity and heat. This means you’ll save money on maintenance costs and repair work.

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