Can Renewable Energy Benefit My Commercial Building?

Renewable energy is no-doubt one of the most efficient ways to power your premises, but there are plenty of misconceptions still about these relatively new energy sources. From solar energy and wind power to less common commercial types such as hydroelectric and tidal energy, in the following blog we will explore the practicality of implementing sustainable energy outlets within an array of settings. Read on and let the commercial electricians from Ian Hobbs Technical Services guide you through the advantages of going green in 2023.

What Are Renewables?

Renewable energy constitutes any form of energy which isn’t finite, and can therefore be repeatedly utilised for as long as is required. Traditional fuels and energy sources are limited, not to mention the environmentally harmful processes carried out to acquire them in the first place. Derived from natural sources such as sunlight, the wind, or even the kinetic energy produced by waves, switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy is key to addressing the ongoing climate crisis.

The Commercial Setting

The commercial setting may seem somewhat incompatible with these seemingly complex measures, but more and more businesses are realising the tangible benefits of renewables. Be it by having solar panels installed by a trustworthy contractor, or exploring the benefits of wind generators, the positives are plentiful.

Just as easy as sourcing your power from mains electricity, these unlimited outlets are more practical than you may think – contrary to popular belief, solar panels are able to function without constant direct exposure to  sunlight, setting you on your way regardless of the unpredictable British weather.

The Advantages Of Going Green

As energy prices fluctuate, and in the midst of an unprecedented cost crisis, EV solar panels and other sustainable measures may help you stay ahead of increasing utility expenses. When companies opt to produce their own electricity supply, this reduces electricity bills and ensures their costs aren’t dictated by a supplier. Not only is it cheaper in the long-term for necessary ventilation and heating solutions, but these additions also protect stakeholders from sudden power cuts, shortages and price hikes, not to mention that renewable energy exhibits your commitment to sustainable practices.

Options From Ian Hobbs Technical Services

The various options we provide at Ian Hobbs Technical Services mean that offices, retail outlets and larger commercial settings are always accounted for. Renewable energy surveys will give our trustworthy consultants an idea of what they’re working with, and then the choice is yours. From air  and ground source heat pumps to solar thermal energy and wind generators, why not join thousands of UK businesses in embracing renewables for 2023?

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we offer an expansive range of services, including installations, maintenance and repairs – alongside 24-hour commercial electrician call outs. If you’re based in Bristol, Bath or anywhere else in the South West, help is immediately available should an issue occur. Give us a call and learn more about the assistance we provide.