Common Commercial Ventilation Issues

Common Commercial Ventilation Issues

Common Commercial Ventilation Issues
Common Commercial Ventilation Issues

Commercial ventilation helps to create a comfortable environment for customers and employees alike, generating a satisfactory air flow within a retail store, warehouse or other relevant setting. Despite their widespread use and undoubted efficiency, ventilation systems can be faulty if not maintained or properly installed – and this is where Ian Hobbs Technical Services comes in. Happy to oversee the effective upkeep of your HVAC systems, we’ll explore some of the most common issues with such ventilation networks, diagnosing frequent problems.

Clogged Filters

Persevering with dirty or clogged filters within a ventilation system can force the appliance to work harder, increasing already-high energy costs and damaging the overall life expectancy of the unit. With regular checks and dedicated cleaning of vents, you can even optimise the performance of this utility, immediately feeling the benefit. Enhanced indoor air quality makes for an improved employee and customer experience, and with a proven track record of installing and repairing high-quality ventilation systems for South West clients, your Ian Hobbs Technical Services ventilation engineer will provide bespoke solutions.

Unpleasant Smells

Horrible smells aren’t only an indication that your corresponding ventilation system may be encountering issues, but such unpleasant scents may also detract clients and customers. Remaining alert to possible ventilation problems can allow you to identify issues before they worsen, with musty odours indicative of dampness inside a system. In the very worst cases, a ventilation problem can cause illness, leading to absences or even legal repercussions. Arrange a free site survey and gain peace of mind that your building is safe and sound.

Leaking Fluid

Air conditioning vents can leak fluid for several reasons, though most notably, refrigerant is likely to be the concerning liquid. Generally required to make an air conditioning system work, refrigerant is contained within the coils of the system itself, and serves the important purpose of cooling and dehumidifying the air. If the air conditioning system does not have enough refrigerant, it will not cool the air as required. Leakages will quickly see the refrigerant levels depleted, therefore consulting assistance is necessary.

Loss Of Functionality

A complete loss of functionality can throw a real spanner in the works, and to diagnose any underlying issues bubbling under the surface, it is advised that all heating and ventilation systems be serviced annually at least. Organise a timely ventilation engineer callout if the system is exhibiting signs of an issue, as not having a maintenance schedule in place could result in smaller issues developing into major ones. We are well-versed in repairing complete systems for a diverse array of clients, with no task too complex.

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we provide repairs, maintenance and installation for everything from air conditioning and refrigeration units, to electrical systems and ventilation networks. With an unmatched reputation and commendable attention to detail, give us a call today and enhance your setting for 2023, with commercial electricians and assorted specialists.