Cold Room Installation: Your Questions Answered

Cold Room Installation: Your Questions Answered

Cold Room Installation: Your Questions Answered
Cold Room Installation: Your Questions Answered

Cold rooms are used in industries where temperature-sensitive items are stored and provide an effective solution to storing large amounts of items at a required temperature. These rooms are sealed to ensure that temperatures are properly maintained. The temperatures of cold rooms can vary depending on a business’s requirements. Often, if a lower temperature is required the system will need to be more complex.

A wide variety of businesses use cold rooms. In the retail sector, they are used to keep food at the required temperature before it is placed on shelves with different rooms for chilled and frozen items. They are also frequently used in a medical setting. There are a number of contexts where it is required for rooms within a hospital to be kept at a low temperature including laboratories and mortuaries. In this context, there is a focus on sealing the entrance to ensure that the temperature is kept between specified limits.

Read more below for some answers to common questions about cold rooms.

What Is A Cold Room?

Cold rooms are installed by experienced fridge freezer engineers with different considerations depending on the industry and use. A cold room uses technology such as condensers, compressors and fans to ensure that the temperature is kept as low as required and will typically have an insulated door to ensure that energy efficiency is maximised.

There are also settings where refrigerated trailers are useful as a mobile cold storage option. This can be used to transport temperature-sensitive items and these trailers are frequently used in the transportation of items such as vaccines. These are also useful in the transportation and delivery of perishable food items. These are available in a range of sizes depending on the transportation or delivery requirements.

Specifications of refrigerated trailers will also vary widely depending on the temperature control requirements of the items which are being transported. These can be powered by fuel such as diesel and so often do not require a battery. Working with a contractor with experience delivering cold room services in the required sectors ensures that the parameters of a refrigerated trailer are tailored to the needs of the items which are being transported. Hiring fridge trailers often provides a cost-effective option in instances where businesses need to transport temperature-sensitive items in the short term.

How Do They Work?

A cold room uses technology such as condensers, compressors and fans to ensure that the temperature is kept as low as required and will typically have an insulated door to ensure that energy efficiency is maximised. The specific system that is installed will depend on the requirements for temperature, the required volume of storage and the tolerance of the items in question for variation in temperature. There may also be different maintenance needs depending on these requirements.

What Are The Uses Of A Cold Room?

There are a wide variety of uses for cold rooms for businesses that require rooms to store items at low temperatures. One setting in which this is important is in the storage of vaccines. Supermarkets will often have multiple cold rooms in order to store chilled and frozen items at the required temperatures. Depending on an organisation’s requirements the scope of a cold storage facility can vary from a small room to a warehouse. Often cold rooms in scientific and medical contexts will have temperature controls allowing for very specific adjustments to be made to temperature depending on the specified requirements. A well-designed cold room is often crucial to the smooth running of a business ensuring the efficient use of space and resources in storing temperature-sensitive products.

Which Organisations Use Them?

Cold rooms are used in any business that requires a temperature-controlled room to store a significant volume of items. Some settings where cold rooms are crucial include hospitals, laboratories, food factories and supermarkets. Considering the wide variety of settings where cold rooms are used there is significant variation in the specific design of a cold storage facility in each of these settings. The energy requirements of a cold storage facility will also differ depending on these specifications.

How Do They Benefit A Business?

Cold rooms benefit a business by offering settings where the temperature can be carefully controlled and regulated for the storage of a wide variety of items. This makes efficient use of resources. In a retail context, this maximises resources and allows chilled and frozen items to be stored together. In a medical context or in laboratories it is crucial that rooms are available on a site where temperature can be strictly regulated.

When choosing a cold room it is important to work with a company that can deliver an energy-efficient, insulated, durable and secure option. A well-designed and properly installed cold room can lead to significant benefits for a business. Ensuring that the specifications of a cold storage facility are tailored to the needs of an organisation and that access to the room is prioritised are both key factors.

How Is A Cold Room Installed?

The first step in installing a cold room within an organisation’s building is identifying the needs of this room in terms of accessibility and location. In a retail context, it is important that cold rooms are conveniently located and can be accessed quickly and easily. There may be instances in a scientific context where items are not required to be regularly transported throughout a building and so there is more flexibility in deciding the location.

It is then necessary to clearly define the requirements of a cold room in terms of volume of storage and temperature. These requirements will have an impact on the complexity of the system which is required to be installed. This will also have an impact on the energy requirements for a cold room. As there is significant variation in cold rooms depending on the context it is worth contacting a company with experience installing cold rooms in your industry or sector in order to discuss the available options.

In a scientific setting, it is also important for the temperature to be more easily controllable. It is often important for temperatures to be kept within very specific parameters and if the requirements of a laboratory change it is necessary to easily vary the temperature. It is important that the chosen room provides enough space not just to store the required volume of items but also to safely move items in or out of the room.

What Maintenance Is Necessary?

In order to maximise the benefits of cold rooms, it is necessary that proper maintenance is provided in order to keep them in good condition. By working with an experienced manufacturer and installer to schedule regular planned maintenance it is possible to ensure that all the components are working effectively and any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. The benefits of working with a manufacturing and installation company to provide maintenance services are that they have a clear understanding of the different aspects of a fully-functioning cold room and have access to the necessary components to resolve any issues that arise. An experienced fridge freezer engineer will be able to ensure that the benefits of a cold room are maximised for an organisation.

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