Summertime Tips To Prevent Your Pet From Overheating

Summertime Tips To Prevent Your Pet From Overheating

Summertime Tips To Prevent Your Pet From Overheating
Summertime Tips To Prevent Your Pet From Overheating

The Summer can be a concerning time for pet owners, with an increase in traffic on main roads, and the emergence of bees, wasps and hornets. The most notable danger for pets however, is the extreme heat. As pets are unable to produce sweat in the same way as humans, regulating body temperature to suit the weather becomes difficult. As a consequence of this, many dogs and cats can suffer from heatstroke, a common condition in which the animal’s body temperature reaches a dangerous level, prompting organ failure or even death in serious cases.

Thankfully, there are plenty of measures to take which will prevent your cherished companion from suffering in the heat, including practical everyday tips, long-term investments to satisfy the entire family, and much more. In particular, air conditioning units from Ian Hobbs Technical Services are inexpensive, long-lasting and provide you with a refreshingly cool interior space, ideal for stressed family pets. Read on for further information.

Conserve Water And ‘Hydrating Foods’

Crucial for the health of any pet is keeping them well-hydrated, and this is especially relevant in the scorching Summer heat. Providing a large bowl of water, and regularly checking it to keep it topped up is advisable, while gamifying this with a hose or water-based toy can encourage the intake of fluids. Soaking kibble or dry food in water before meal times is another tip to consider, while chicken broth and tuna are both ‘hydrating foods’.

Trust A Reliable Air Conditioning Company

Air conditioning is a tried-and-tested way of keeping the home cool, and will reliably keep the home at a consistently mild temperature when installed correctly. Not only will this keep your pet cool, but also benefit everyone living under your roof. Air conditioning units from Ian Hobbs Technical Services are all eligible for a 24-hour emergency call-out repair should this be required, and countless premises and properties throughout the South-West of England continue to trust us for a heat-regulated interior.

Provide Shade And Go Easy On Exercise And Play

Providing the space to relax under a shaded umbrella, porch area or table can give your pet a designated spot for when the heat becomes overwhelming and cool-down time is required. Even if your canine doesn’t seem to be using the area you have set up, the option to occupy a cooler area of the garden should always be provided. As well as this, don’t encourage your pet to become overexcited in the midst of the Summer fun – as this is likely to make them pant more and use up valuable energy which has been conserved.

Choose Ventilation Utilities Installed By An Electrician

Whether keeping the house cool by ensuring  windows and doors are open throughout the day, or investing in a comprehensive ventilation unit installation by an electrician, allowing fresh air to flow through your home will not only make rooms cooler, but also ensure that the air being breathed in by your pets is free of toxins, preventing mould and condensation within the home.

The dedicated team at Ian Hobbs Technical Services are well-equipped when it comes to maintenance tasks big and small, with no commercial repair job too difficult for our experienced staff. Even following installation or routine servicing, we endeavour to keep your appliances functioning effectively. Specialising in common utilities as varied as fridges, ventilation systems and many products from leading air conditioning companies, give us a call at your earliest convenience for tailored advice or to book a consultation with an aircon installer.