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Food Safety For Small Stores: Tips From a Refrigeration Engineer

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that every inch of your store is running smoothly including health and safety. When supplying food your customers expect fresh, safe items for purchase which means storing it in the right way as even one mistake can result in serious risks.

In this blog, we explain some of the tops tips for maintaining food hygiene standards in your store.

Invest in a high-quality fridge

From milk to sandwiches, your stock must be stored at the right temperature. When some items become too warm this creates the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs which can be very dangerous when consumed. To solve this, invest in a high-quality fridge or refrigeration unit where your food will stay constantly cool.

Follow sell by dates

You should always follow sell by dates as these indicate how long a product should be kept out for sale. Although this doesn’t always mean that the food is dangerous, keeping expired food in your store is a very risky move and is not recommended – not only can it cause illness but bacteria growths can affect other items. You can ensure that old stock does not get left on the shelves by putting it to the front with the newer items behind.

Inspect your stock regularly

It’s very easy for your stock to become damaged and broken packaging will cause food items to go off. When putting out new stock, check for broken seals, open packets and other signs of damage and remove them from the shelves if you can see that the food is exposed.

Here at Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we work across the South West providing refrigeration solutions and more. Health and safety should always be a top priority but if you don’t have the right equipment in place this can be compromised. Our bespoke refrigeration systems have your needs in mind. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our services.