Thinking of Investing in Cold Room Installation? Six Reasons Why It Can Benefit Your Business

Thinking of Investing in Cold Room Installation? Six Reasons Why It Can Benefit Your Business

Whether you run a busy restaurant, cafe or pub, keeping stock cool and organised is key. For many small businesses, a large refrigerator or chest freezer may be enough, however, larger businesses will require a bigger and more efficient storage solution.

While it may be tempting to rely on chest freezers and standard refrigerators to keep your stock cool, you could actually be wasting both time and money as a business. Instead, your business could benefit greatly from a commercial cold room.

Commercial cold rooms are an ideal storage solution and offer a huge range of benefits for businesses, from providing you with more space to boosting the efficiency of your kitchen.

Below, we take a look at the reasons why installing a cold room is a great decision for your business and why you should consider it today.

Improve the efficiency of your business

Think about how much time you’ve spent you’ve spent rummaging around your refrigerator or freezer. Standard (or even commercial) refrigerators and freezers can be difficult to organise; often, staff members will end up wasting time searching for the right ingredient or rummaging around the back of the refrigerator to find the right sauce.

A cold room offers more space and is far more easier to organise. Members of staff can step into a cold room to browse the shelves and find exactly what they need, instead of reaching into a small fridge cluttered with ingredients and condiments. Having easy access to all ingredients will improve the efficiency of service and ensure customers are served quicker.

In addition, a cold room can also improve the energy efficiency of your business. As you’ll be using one single room instead of a number of small units, less energy is required to keep your stock chilled. Effective insulation further boosts the energy efficiency of a cold room, making it a fantastic investment for those looking to save on energy and boost the efficiency of their business.

Save money

A cold room can increase the shelf life of your food, effectively saving you money down the line. A huge proble in the hospitality industry is food waste; without the correct food storage solutions in place, products will quickly spoil and need to be thrown away.

Cool rooms can help you save money by keeping food spoils to a minimum. They can be easily adjusted to the right temperature to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. Certain foods and fruits that are left at room temperature can spoil quickly, so it’s important you increase their shelf life by keeping them at the correct temperature. Cold rooms can even be used to extend the life of other bulk materials, such as flour, sugar and other cooking ingredients.

Increasing the shelf life of your stock and throwing away less food will save you money and ensure your ingredients last longer.

With the above in mind, installing a cold room in your restaurant can enable you to achieve higher food safety standards. Storing food in a controlled, safe environment ensures it is stored to the highest standards and therefore meets all of the required health and safety food standards.

Enhance safety

Installing a commercial cold room is a far safer option than having a number of small chillers, refrigerators and freezers running at once. When you have lots of units plugged in and running off the same power supply, you run the risk of an electrical problem. With fewer units running and more integration with your building, a cold room installation reduces the risk of a fire or an electrical issue.

A cold room can even improve your employees’ health. Constantly bending down to access chest freezers and lower shelves in refrigerators can cause strenuous back pain and aches. Members of staff can easily and comfortably walk into a cold room and access everything they need without having to bend down or rummage around, which could put their health at risk.

Increase your storage space

Commercial cold rooms are bigger than any refrigerator or chest freezer. They give you more storage per square foot than traditional refrigerators and freezers and allow you to store more stock in a smaller space. If you’re thinking of investing in a few refrigerators and freezers for your commercial kitchen to keep your stock chilled, the number required will take up far more space than a single cold room will.

A cold room is what it says on the tin; it’s just one room where you can store all of your stock without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

Extend your menu

Limited food storage space often means a limited menu. If you simply don’t have the space to store lots of different ingredients, you’re not going to be able to get too creative with your menu. Installing a cold room and increasing your storage capacity means you can store more ingredients and therefore improve and increase your menu choice.

As a restaurant, pub or cafe, it’s important to offer a varied menu that caters to everyone. Increasing your food storage space and investing in a cold room is a great way to extend your menu and draw more customers in with tasty dishes.

Keep food at a high quality

In order to keep food at the highest quality possible, it’s crucial you rescue any food deterioration. It’s not only important that the taste of the food is maintained, but the aroma, flavour, texture, colour, natural goodness and vitamins need to be maintained too.

The best way to do this is by controlling the temperature, time and humidity involved in the cooling process. A cold room is extremely versatile and is suitable for a number of uses; it can easily be adjusted to the most appropriate temperature and chilling method to ensure the standard and quality of food is maintained.

Using the correct temperature and cooling method can also help reduce the shrinkage of food – something that can be an issue when food cools down in the incorrect setting. The appropriate chilling programme can be set to stop the natural evaporation that normally happens when food cools down.

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