Electrical Safety Tips for the Festive Season

Electrical Safety Tips for the Festive Season

With Christmas less than six weeks away, you may have started thinking about how you plan to decorate your home this year. For many, decorating the house is a festive tradition that brings all the family together – but it’s crucial you decorate sensibly and carefully.

Whether you like to add a few decorations here and there throughout your home or you go all-out every year, there are a few electrical hazards you should be aware of. From faulty leads and appliances to damaged and frayed Christmas lights, there are plenty of hazards that could be putting you at risk of a fire.

To help keep you and your family safe this Christmas, we’ve put together a list of electrical safety tips to keep in mind.

Avoid overloading extension cords

It’s not uncommon to run out of power outlets in a room when decorating for Christmas, but this doesn’t mean you should overload extension cords. Overloading extension cords can cause them to overheat, which can be extremely dangerous and cause a fire in your home. Instead, make sure you evenly distribute your lights throughout your home using proper power outlets.

Buy a fire resistant Christmas tree

If you’re purchasing an artificial Christmas tree this year, make sure you choose a fire resistant one. Fire resistant Christmas trees will resist burning and can be extinguished quickly if they catch fire. If you already have an artificial tree you use that isn’t fire resistant, you can buy a fire resistant spray which can help protect your tree.

Don’t decorate around sources of heat

It’s crucial you avoid using decorations near sources of heat such as radiators, heaters, lights, fireplaces and candles. If decorations, such as garlands or tinsel, are too close to sources of heat, they can quickly catch fire, putting your family and home at risk. Instead, steer clear of heat sources and always decorate well away from them.

Check your Christmas lights for damage

Each year you dig out your Christmas lights, it’s important you take the time to inspect them before you use them. Over the years, your Christmas lights can become damaged from general wear and tear, making them an electrical hazard. Check your lights for any broken, split or damaged wiring and always replace them if you notice any problems.

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