How Solar Panel Companies Can Help You Be More Environmentally Friendly

How Solar Panel Companies Can Help You Be More Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels are the leading source of renewable energy for homes and businesses, with more and more buildings choosing to get them installed – it’s easy to see why if you look into the many benefits of solar panels.

As well as this, we are also witnessing an increase in the number of solar farms that are being made, all of which means good news for our planet as well as the environment. Moreover, it is essential to realise why solar panels are great for the environment. With this in mind, we outline a few of the ways that a solar panel company – can help you.

Lower the cost of your high energy bills

The average home consumes up to 5 and a half hours of sunlight on a daily basis. When good solar energy power systems are put in place, this is more than enough to power its electronics properly. Even when clouds are in the sky, natural energy solar panels will draw and store energy, ordinarily producing between 10 to 20 per cent of the power that is received on a sunny day. A basic four-panel life expectancy is roughly 20-30 years, so the energy savings will have longevity.

The roof of a property takes a real beating from weather conditions all year-round. Solar panels will extend a roof’s life by safeguarding it from snow or rain. As well as this, the sun is not heating up the roof which increases the temperature inside the property. Rather, the natural energy solar power is being absorbed and converted to precious free electricity. This can provide your home renewable energy which lowers your dependence on the grid and gets rid of the irritation of fluctuating costs when using fossil fuels.

Going solar will increase the resale value

Any potential homebuyers will be able to see the value in purchasing alternate energy homes with a solar panel system put in place. Is solar power really important to homebuyers? Given the choice, switched-on shoppers would much rather see their property investment provide financial returns from the day they move in.

Solar power beats fossil fuels

The sustainability of using fossil fuels, for example, natural gas and coal have been in question for decades. Not only are they costly to get, but it also is not actually certain how long the planet will be able to make enough to satisfy the world’s energy needs. Is solar energy important to the planet? Of course, and when you add in the gradual increase in price on a yearly basis, it’s easy to see the advantage of solar power.

When you tap into the power of the sun and its vast energy, you do not have to concern yourself with the supply and demand or an oil spill, gas explosion or some other toxic event to raise the price and charge you more for energy. The sun can’t be metered, shut off or used as a bargaining chip in order to raise prices. This can be a huge incentive to make a solar home improvement.

 There workings of the solar panel

The type we’re talking about here is photovoltaic solar panels – also referred to as solar PV – which catch the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity that can be used to power household goods and lighting. The other kind is solar thermal, which allows you to warm water and can lower your heating bills.

How does solar energy work?

Solar energy is generated from solar PV (photovoltaic) panels installed on homes, buildings and solar farms across the world. They all essentially use the same technology to switch daylight into energy.

Every solar panel is made up of small solar cells that transform daylight into electric current, which feed through an inverter into your home or other premises to power your lights and appliances. And what’s more, you don’t need to use the energy as soon as it’s made. The energy generated in the daytime can be stored in solar batteries so that you can keep on using the power whenever you want it and even after the sun has gone down.

There is a common misconception that solar panels only work in full sun conditions, and while sunnier days will create more power than cloudy days, solar panels will create electricity during all daylight hours whatever the weather.

Further advantages of solar energy technical services

Providing electricity – Solar panels will create the electricity you require to light your home and power your appliances. If you make your home energy efficient as well as installing your solar energy system, you could find that your solar panels provide the bulk of your electricity requirements.

Charging electric cars – If you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can actually use the energy generated by your solar panels to charge your car at your own home.

Lower your carbon footprint – Solar power is a source of clean energy so using it to power your home will mean you’re contributing to the UK reaching its carbon reduction goals – a crucial step in helping to combat climate change. Lowering your carbon footprint will also mean you’re helping to protect wildlife habitats, communities and economies that are threatened by global warming.

A renewable source of energy – As well as helping to stop climate change, renewable energies like solar also help to lower air pollution, which is one of the biggest challenges we’re dealing with globally.

Simple to install – Solar panels can easily be installed on your roof. It will often take only a day or so for your home to be up and running on solar energy. But it’s crucial to remember that the tilt and direction of your roof will also have an impact on how much energy you can expect to get from your panels. With a variety of systems available we can help you get the most of your solar system to best match your needs.

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