Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Rooms
Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Rooms

Many businesses would be lost without the proven adaptability of commercial cold rooms, with these large and useful spaces able to safely store a large amount of frozen goods. Perfect for the restaurant and hotel industries, these walk-in freezers require an extensive installation process, and trustworthy maintenance should they cease to function. Read on and gain an understanding of these fantastic utilities, with some of the most common questions answered by the industry experts at Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd.

What Is A Cold Room?

Cold rooms are as self explanatory as it gets. Installed as entire room spaces which can be set to an adjustable temperature, they use a compressor, condenser, fans and an evaporator to maintain a set heat. Cold rooms cannot be moved around unlike other forms of commercial refrigeration, set in place and usually much larger than a mobile fridge. Used in a variety of environments, cold rooms are used within retail settings to keep consumables fresh, in professional kitchens to store food and warehouses to maintain quality of stock.

Are There Alternatives?

Of course, the natural alternatives to large cold rooms are fridges and freezers, though the size of these traditional mobile units leaves much to be desired. When looking to organise industrial-grade storage of items, which require a constant sub-zero temperature, cold rooms (or walk-in freezers) are the pinnacle. Only in need of a medium-sized or small unit which can be moved if required? Ian Hobbs Technical Services oversee the installation of smaller fridge freezer units and hireable retail freezers too, alongside other alternatives including blast chillers, refrigerated catering equipment and much more.

Can I Benefit From A Cold Room?

The benefits to be found from a cold room will largely depend on your circumstances and needs, and the practicality of such an installation will likely balance out the running costs and installation expenses for the room. Available for installation either indoors or outdoors, a cold room can save space, ideal for when consistent and powerful refrigeration or freezing are needed, providing exact temperature control for the preservation of goods.

Are Cold Rooms Expensive?

Cold rooms need not be a large dent on your company finances, with these regulated storage areas planned and installed by our experienced personnel. The energy-efficiency of a walk-in freezer can cut long-term costs, while most models will have built-in security features to prevent damage and theft. In-short, many find the benefits of a cold room to outweigh the original installation costs, while 24-hour emergency maintenance means you’ll never be without spacious storage for long.

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we’re local leaders in multiple service areas. From initial site survey and design, through to installation, testing and maintenance, we provide a complete service. Both sustainable and cost effective, perform at your best with the assistance of our expert team. Why not contact the South West’s favourite electrical company today?