How Can Technical Services Help Me To Comply With Legislation?

As a business owner or stakeholder in a property, you’ll know all-too-well the intricacies of strict legislation and regularly updated laws. Put in place to protect customers, clients or tenants, such regulations are in place for a very good reason, but can require frequent attention, and costly upgrades. From fire safety and adequate lighting, to exit doors and emergency installations, staying on top of these needs is key to remaining successful in your business area. Read ahead and let Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd take you through an assortment of the important repairs and installations we offer – ideal for compliance and safety in 2023.

Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems are an absolute must within any medium-to-large building, and these smart installations can be literal life-savers should a blaze occur. Fitted to detect smoke, and alert via an alarm system, fire detection systems are interlinked, and benefit from smoke detectors being installed within all rooms and spaces for maximum efficiency. Our growing team of NICEIC contractors can offer you a quick quote before you proceed with any installation job, so you’re never rushed or made to unnecessarily commit.

Emergency Lighting

Compliant to health and safety guidelines, emergency lighting is typically found in commercial properties and settings, designed to come on in event of a mains power cut or other issue affecting the lighting within a space. Installation of emergency lighting can avert plenty of unnecessary situations should your business space be left without a source of illumination. Operations may halt altogether without adequate light, so make sure to invest in backup emergency lighting when possible.

Exit Door Installation

Though there are no specific regulations defined by the law on how many fire exits you must have in your premises, it is recommended that more than one fire exit is provided from your premises whenever possible.These exits should be completely independent from each other, with distinct escape routes if possible. The number of storeys in a building, alongside the number of occupants and overall space will influence how many emergency exits are advisable – there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to take when dealing with this criteria. Dealing with a faulty exit door? We can complete repairs and maintenance too, just take a look at our case studies for inspiration.

CCTV Systems

Though not a legal requirement, it takes little explaining to reveal the use of CCTV systems in a commercial or business setting. Easily installed by experts and adaptable to suit your premises, opt for a network of cameras, single CCTV recording device outside of your building, or any other installation options to suit the context. The appearance of cameras alone should be enough to deter many potential criminals, so trust us to supply and maintain your tech options.

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