Facts About Mobile Fridge Hire

Hiring a mobile fridge freezer unit could have serious benefits for your organisation, as a convenient way to store goods, and a temporary solution to issues when clearing out or relocating from a site with many chilled products. It may have never even crossed your mind to hire such an appliance, but Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd have overseen many successful projects over the years involving these handy options.Read ahead for plenty of facts and snippets regarding mobile fridge hire – from suitable settings to the flexibility of delivery and maintenance to your premises.

Why Hire?

Hiring is often a better option than outright purchasing an appliance due to the potential for savings and convenience of only acquiring for a set period of time. In situations involving the temporary storage of chilled objects or goods, spending thousands on a brand new unit would perhaps be excessive – especially if you don’t see yourself needing a mobile fridge for other tasks in the near future. Such useful appliances rarely come cheap, so paying a quoted hire fee will certainly come cheaper than the alternative.

Universal Use

From pubs, restaurants and butchers to large supermarkets and retail outlets, there are plenty of settings which can benefit from the acquisition of a mobile fridge unit. A temporary place to store frozen meat, chilled food items and more, these hefty freezers on wheels are a great investment if you’re clearing out a large commercial walk-in freezer and need somewhere to store the appropriate items. Many warehouse settings rely on freezer units to contain consumables under strict conditions – so if a commercial freezer breaks, why not hire a mobile unit while we complete the repairs?

Flexible Convenience

Our hire terms are always flexible, always affordable and always catered to your needs, so when seeking a quote for a specific timeframe, we can offer you terms which meet your requirements. We also offer on a 24 hour, 365 day basis – so if your commercial freezer decides to stop working at a less-than convenient time, don’t panic! We supply a number of different units, compatible with your setting and circumstance.

Delivery And Maintenance

Delivery and maintenance aren’t a worry when you opt for us, and we can deliver straight to the door of your property or commercial premises. Maintenance is just as simple, with our trusty engineers and experts clued up on the latest ways to ensure your required appliances are functioning as they should. Capable of repairing everything from lighting, HVAC systems, business sustainability measures and much more, don’t hesitate to enquire.

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