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Cold Rooms: All You Need To Know

Cold rooms are an essential within many commercial environments, from warehouses and smaller local supermarkets to butchers and restaurants. If you’re looking to upgrade your premises, cater for new products and supplies or replace an existing fridge freezer set-up – a cold room may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Let Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd guide you through all you need to know about cold room storage, from who uses them, why to use them, and some of the most notable alternatives to these handy storage areas.

What Is A Cold Room?

Though it may sound like a generic term, cold rooms are generally large specially built areas, designed to remain at a set temperature and prevent heat from directly escaping. Cold rooms can’t be moved around in the same way other forms of commercial refrigeration can, but these spacious rooms instead benefit from a premium of storage room, often large enough to accommodate a huge volume of stock compared to traditional fridge freezers. Using a compressor, condenser, fans and evaporator, cold rooms maintain a steady temperature which is ideal for chilled goods and produce which must be stored at a specific temperature to remain fresh.

Who Uses Them?

Large restaurants, hotels and catering companies require cold rooms to contain ingredients and pre-packed frozen food, while meat, vegetables and fruit are often stashed away in such areas so that they don’t spoil or decline in quality. Having a cold room installed may work out cheaper than acquiring several smaller fridge freezers, not to mention the convenience of being able to store all frozen goods within a single accessible space.

What Are The Benefits?

The choice is yours when it comes to placement within a site, and you can put your cold room either indoors or outdoors – leaving more space in your kitchen or food prep space. Even better, as previously mentioned, cold rooms have a large amount of storage space, making them a lot cheaper to run than smaller pieces of fridge equipment. The energy efficiency of cold storage could offer savings too – as each space is designed to reduce fluctuations in temperature, meaning less energy is needed while in use.

Are There Alternatives?

Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd offer plenty of alternatives if you are looking for an alternative, and we’re well-versed at installing and maintaining smaller fridge freezer units as well as storage freezers and other commonplace appliances and accessories within supermarkets and similar. Take a look at our Case Studies page for just some of the reputable brands and companies we’ve worked with – from the Co-Op to friendly local poultry suppliers.

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