An aerial view of solar panels installed on a building

Business Sustainability Installations For 2023

Aerial view of semi trucks during unloading and a large storehouse with solar panels on the rooftop.

Keeping your business sustainable can be a struggle at times, but ultimately, each business owner and stakeholder is responsible for ensuring that their output is environmentally friendly. From minor additions to the office or shop floor, to revolutionary energy-saving accessories and installations, not all sustainability considerations need to break the bank either. Read ahead and let Ian Hobbs Technical Services Ltd guide you through some of the most popular and desirable eco-efficient features to install – from solar panels and heat pumps to intriguing wind generators.

Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels are perhaps one of the first features which come to mind when discussing sustainability installations, and there’s a very good reason why. Solar PV is a revolutionary way of collecting renewable energy for your premises, shunning the need for fossil fuels and building up your very own stash of green energy should mains electricity fail to do the trick. An installation of these panels can be completed by our team at a date and time convenient for you – and this efficient eco-friendly solution will serve you long-term, whether the sun is shining or you’re experiencing downpours.

Wind Generator

Slightly more obscure than solar PV are wind generators, though they’re certainly no less effective. The larger example of wind generators are windmills, often spotted upon hills and elevated ground, and huge in size, but the scaled-down alternative is perfect for powering a smaller building. Our team are experienced when it comes to installing the latest in renewable innovation, and we would be happy to discuss alternatives with you. Not sure if wind generators would be a good match for your premises? We’re happy to discuss other renewable energy options.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps function by transfering heat from the ground outside your building, to heat your radiators, underfloor heating and other appliances. Found more often within domestic properties, a heat pump could still be ideal for your office or workstation. A large space won’t be required for installation – just a patch of land next to where you’re based – and similarly to other renewables, depending on how you use your heat pump(s), there are savings to be made. Similarly functional air source heat pumps may also be an option.


Biomass energy is energy produced by living or once-living organisms, with the most common biomass materials being plants and greenery. If your profession means that you’re handling a lot of excess flowers and plants, and these are going to waste, why not consider biomass energy? Wood and other forms of waste are also frequently used to produce this renewable energy. Biomass can be directly converted to energy through gasification, and other methods function just as efficiently. Take a look at previous case studies for some examples of projects implementing renewables.

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