What Are The Design Secrets Behind A 21st-Century Office?

Design, at its heart, is a constantly evolving and progressive industry. Professionals in the field spend years at a time building their craft and improving their skills. So, what’s the aim behind all of this? Well, in short, designers strive to create spaces that work for people. Spaces that make their occupants feel relaxed, productive, and safe. Naturally, there is rather more than meets the eye with this process and professionals within the field spend several years of training and learning to build the skills required to achieve this. So, what about the modern office? How does the office space relate to all of this? Check out this blog to find out.

The office has always been a place for innovation. Ever since the birth of the modern world, these spaces have been epicentres of progression and forward-thinking. It goes without saying really then that the design of the office has seen a fair few iterations in its time as new principles and theories come through. Of course, some of these principles stick around and some of them come and go like many other things in evolving industries. So, what are the current views on office spaces?

The modern office

Essentially, the modern office uses 21st-century design to create spaces which foster creativity and productivity. Naturally, there are a few principles which you should adhere to when creating your space. So, we’ve made a list of some of the main ideas which you should try to fit into your new office’s design.

Natural light

This may seem slightly obvious, but you may well be surprised to find out how many offices have little in the way of natural light. Sunlight can, of course, benefit your workers in many ways from health right through to productivity. First of all, sunlight will vastly improve your employee’s ability to concentrate as the light spectrum which your office space will be filled with will be far larger than if you only had regular light bulbs. Then, of course, you have the vitamin D effects and the mood increase which many people experience when they are exposed to sunlight.


There is no question that the roles within the office are adapting. Nowadays, employees are responsible for a myriad of roles and must complete a variety of tasks throughout the day. This means that their space must be able to change and evolve with them throughout the day. So, most employers are now making their offices adaptable by implementing movable furniture and multi-faceted environments.

Collaborative layouts

Following on from our previous subsection, collaboration is now one of the most fundamental aspects of the modern workplace. The key here is to let different departments bounce ideas around in a healthy and productive way. Naturally, this would be pretty much impossible if your office has regimented areas for each separate department. Instead, you should look to change your layout so departments are interspersed with other sections of your business. This will also create a healthy work environment and a sociable team.

Vibrant colours

In the modern era, the last thing you want is a clinical feeling in your office. This kind of atmosphere often removes a sense of creativity in the room and can lead your staff to feel demotivated and unsatisfied. You should, therefore, look to add a degree of colour to the space. Try not to fill the entire room with colour though. Instead, add a highlight of something here and there such as a vibrant orange or relaxing blue. This will make your space feel far more creative and bring energy to your staff.


In the world of design, there is still an air of scepticism around art in the office. Some designers argue that art on the walls can be an unhealthy distraction to those working and may even lead to irrelevant conversations and perhaps a loss in productivity. Though we would argue quite the opposite. Of course, adding several pieces of art to your space may be a touch too far, but a small piece here and there may be just what your space is crying out for. So, try adding a few vibrant pieces in the more social areas of the office!


Over the last ten or so years, there have been multiple extensive studies on the benefits of house plants in our living spaces. After all, they improve our air quality, creativity, and even our mood. So, it’s a no-brainer that we should add these to our office spaces. Of course, you may not want to fill your space with plants, but you should certainly add a few here and there. A small cactus on your employees desk, for example, or perhaps a larger plant in the kitchen space might do the trick. Certainly, give it a try and if it doesn’t work, just take them home!

Maintain order

Mess is one of the largest contributors to a person’s productivity. It goes without saying that living and working in a chaotic environment is often disastrous for people’s work habits. Naturally, though, you will have a fair amount of documents and spreadsheets which will need to be stored somewhere. So, you’ll need to invest in a few modern storage units which can both create a home for your important documents and add to the vibe of the room. There are plenty of funky options out there, so get looking! We would recommend units that can double up as space dividers for some extra versatility.


Another key aspect of creating a healthy and vibrant office is allowing personalization to the area. After all, you need your staff to feel comfortable in the room and one of the best ways to do this is by allowing them to add a bit of their personality to the space. It will most likely make your employees more content with their space and far more likely to feel motivated to come into the office. Of course, this personalisation needs to be in moderation, but a little here and there can certainly add to the space.


In the modern world, office space needs technology to function. Though many employees miss out on some of the most essential technical features very regularly. One of the key pieces of technology that every office needs is a well-maintained and up-to-date air conditioning system. The temperature in a room is one of the largest contributors to a person’s productivity and many office spaces invest a huge amount in ensuring that the temperature regulation systems are in perfect working order.

You might think that in the UK, with the mild climate that we usually experience, that an air conditioning system is a touch over the top. Yes, the climate in the UK is a far cry from the extreme temperatures in western America, for example, but we still need air conditioning. These systems don’t just cool a room, but they also effectively heat large rooms and cost far less to run than standard radiators. What’s more, you’ll also be covered when we do experience those summer heat waves. Certainly, you won’t regret fitting a state-of-the-art air conditioning system.

If you’re in need of a new air conditioning system, or perhaps you’re after a domestic air conditioning installation, then we can certainly help. We have many years of experience in the industry and would be more than happy to talk you through the options. Of course, these decisions can sometimes be difficult, as there are many options available to you. However, our staff really do have an excellent all-round knowledge of the sector and can certainly advise you on the right steps for your office building.

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