How To Stay Safe When Working With Walk In Cold Rooms

In the hospitality industry, a wide range of modern technologies are employed to keep food fresh and to provide the best possible experience for customers. Commercial kitchens are built therefore with speed and hygiene in mind, where everything is stored and labelled in such a way that makes the delivery of a high quality service possible at all times.

One feature that helps bars, restaurants and cafes to achieve this positive outcome is industrial chilling technology. This may include a walk in cold room, which is a scaled up freezer that allows employees to enter the space to find the items that they need. Cold rooms are designed to keep large volumes of materials fresh in one place, where this is ideal for companies that get through lots of ingredients in the space of a single day.

As these rooms can get to very low temperatures, it is vital that they are used with an appropriate sense of caution – read on to find out how to stay safe when using a commercial walk in unit.

Be Mindful Of Your Exit Route

One of the most important things to remember when using a cold room is that your exit route should always be maintained. Never shut the door behind you if you can avoid it, where you should make sure that you know any door codes or have access to a key if you are going further inside the room.

Wear Protective Clothing

When entering a cold room for a long period of time, it is important to make sure that you’re wearing the appropriate protective clothing. This may include insulatory layers such as a jumper, jacket or pair of suitable gloves. You may also wish to wear appropriate non-slip shoes to prevent accidents.

Use Appropriate Handling Techniques

As with any material handling job, it is important to lift items with care to avoid harming your body. This is especially important in a cold room, where items can be slippery with condensation or stored at a significant height. Always use ladders and other equipment appropriately to avoid mishaps.

Practice Good Food Hygiene

You should also bear in mind the safety of everyone eating your food when handling stock in a cold room. Wash your hands regularly when unpacking perishable items, and ensure you’re keeping raw and cooked foods separate in the storage facility.

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