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Meet the Team: Emma

Meet Emma, Our Electrical Projects & Compliance Supervisor

Why did you choose the electrical profession?

I followed my dad into it. I grew up following him around, watching and learning from him. As soon as I was old enough, I would go to work with him every holiday I had a chance!

How do you balance family and work?

Working flexy hours means I can do both to the best of my ability, I work the bulk of the day in the office whilst Imogen is at nursery, which benefits her. When I pick her up, she gets my full attention until she goes to bed. Then when she is asleep I start work again, being fully set up to work from home.  Working flexy time allows me to be there for both Aaron & Imogen if needed at any time, as I can always complete my work at home.

What is your opinion of working in a ‘predominantly male’ industry?

It is a good industry to work in and I have had the pleasure to work with some really great guys, one of whom is now my husband. Being the minority, it makes you push that bit harder to be the best you can, which has always been a good motivator. There are times when doing the big heavy work, rather than pure strength you have to use brain power to think around the situation & I find other methods to do the job, which can make achieving a job very satisfying!