Signs You Need To Call a Refrigeration Engineer For Repairs

Signs You Need To Call a Refrigeration Engineer For Repairs

If you rely on commercial fridges or freezers in your business, when something goes wrong this could have detrimental effects. Whether you have a cold room or cold display cabinets, you must get repairs sorted as soon as they occur. Keeping your food safe and organised, having an expert on hand will make maintenance easier.

Luckily, before your commercial fridge completely breaks down you’ll probably notice signs of a repair so you can call a professional refrigeration company to manage the problem. At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we’re the experts in commercial refrigeration so we know a thing or two about repairs! In this blog, we explain some of the top signs that your fridge needs a repair. Read on to find out more.

When should you call a fridge engineer?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to call a fridge engineer. No fridge will last forever and over the years repairs are completely normal, but it’s important to get them arranged sooner rather than later. Finding commercial refrigeration companies in your area will keep your business running smoothly even when you experience a problem with your commercial fridge.

Here are some of the top signs that your fridge requires professional assistance.

Temperature problems

One of the first signs you may notice is changes in your fridge’s temperature. If your appliance no longer feels cold this could mean the motor is running too hot. When this happens the back and sides of the fridge may feel warm to touch which is usually a sign that the coils need replacing. In business, if your fridge can no longer keep your food at a safe temperature this can cause major safety issues for your customers. You may also notice that your food goes off much quicker than usual which can result in a huge stock loss for your business.

Puddles and leaks

If you notice puddles and leaks around the bottom of your fridge this could be down to a number of reasons. For one, the water may not be able to reach the drain if it is levelled incorrectly or clogged or other internal damage. You may be able to mop up the leak and carry on for a day, but without the right repair, it will continue to cause problems. The best thing you can do in these situations is to call a professional refrigeration company who can assess the problem and replace any broken parts.

Increase in electricity bills

A spike in your electricity bill could be an indication that a component isn’t working properly in your commercial refrigerator. When the appliance is not running in an energy-efficient way this can result in more energy being used and higher bills. If you leave these problems ongoing, you may end up paying way more than you should be and when it comes to business you need to keep your finances in check!

Strange noises

Noises coming from your fridge could be a number of things. It’s completely normal to hear some background noise but ratting and noises coming from the fan could be linked to internal problems. If the sounds are different from usual, keep an eye on it and always call a professional to take a look if you’re concerned.

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, our refrigeration services include cold rooms, chilled water systems and cold storage. If your system has been causing your problem for too long, it may be a good idea to invest in something new. Our team can help you find the right product for your needs as well as organise affordable refrigeration hire. Find out more today.

Old age

If your commercial refrigerators are coming to the end of their life, they are likely to stop performing their best. Wear and tear, broken parts and other problems will occur more often but the cost of the repairs may outweigh the value of the appliance. Having a professional take a look will get things sorted whether you need a replacement fridge or ongoing repairs.

How to choose a fridge maintenance company

As a business owner, it’s always worth having a professional repair team on hand such as commercial refrigeration companies. You never can tell when a problem might occur with your appliances but having the right people on call will ensure that things get sorted quickly.

Here are some top questions and tips to think about when choosing a fridge maintenance company.

  • Do they specialise in your refrigerator system? – The main thing you need to think about is how experienced the company is in the service you are looking for. Whether you need help maintaining your cold room, commercial fridge or cool display unit, this will make a big difference in who you pick. You need an experienced engineer who can help with your repairs.
  • Are they experienced in commercial products? – There is a big difference between domestic and commercial products, so always ensure that the refrigeration engineer you hire has the right experience. It’s okay to ask questions and get clarification on things, you’re paying for a service so you want to find the best one possible.
  • Do they operate in your area? – It may sound obvious, but finding a refrigeration company that operates in your area is key. The last thing you want is to be waiting for long periods when your commercial refrigerator is in need of a repair, not only could this affect your business but it’s not convenient.
  • Do your research – Even if you’re desperately in need of a fridge engineer make sure you do your research before hiring someone. It’s a good idea to look into this BEFORE you have any problems that way when you do require maintenance or new installations you’ll know exactly who to call. Make sure you keep your priorities in mind so you can find commercial refrigeration companies that fit the bill.
  • Compare quotes – Getting more than one quote gives you something to think about. But, don’t just think about cost, you also need to consider your first impression of the company and their experience. You’re going to be putting your trust in them so compare your option to find the best deal.

Ian Hobbs Technical Services: Refrigeration Solutions For Commercial Clients

At Ian Hobbs Technical Services, we offer a complete refrigeration solution, providing commercial and industrial clients with bespoke refrigeration systems tailored to the unique needs of your business. From site survey and design through to installation, service and maintenance, we endeavour to provide you with a service that will help your business to thrive.

Working across Bristol, Bath and the South West, we’re proud to be one of the most reliable commercial refrigeration companies in the area, on hand to keep your refrigerators in good condition. If you’re experiencing long-term problems this can have major problems for your business. We have a wealth of experience in the development, construction and maintenance of cold stores. Our in-house design team works closely with the clients from design through to installation.

You can rely on us for high-quality work in your commercial business. Get in touch today for more information.