The Top Benefits of Aircon Installations for Hotels

Hotels have become staples in our modern societies, providing a venue for events important to both our personal and professional lives. From weddings to networking events, the conditions at the venue are expected to be temperate and comfortable, which can easily be achieved with air conditioning units, provided by Ian Hobbs Technical Services.

Comfortable Guests

To fully appeal to your hotel customers, it’s important to keep the temperature just right. When guests visit, they expect comfort, from the softest towels to plush bed sheets. This includes a comfortable environment to both sleep and spend their time, giving them a break from their hectic life. Luckily, an air conditioning company can provide the units needed to create a comfortable environment in the entire building.

Pleasant Workplace

Hotels can be busy, with employees working around the clock. In any good business, it is essential to keep employees happy. Air conditioning units can be turned on to regulate the outside temperature, preventing employees from becoming uncomfortable in the warmer months or while in hot kitchens. This will also prevent fainting from overheating and exhaustion.

Higher Quality of Sleep

No one wants to sleep in a hot room, where the temperature becomes unpleasant to sleep in. The stickiness and overheating can wake up guests, resulting in a disjointed rest. Air conditioning units installed by a technical services company can provide an easily accessible way for guests to change the temperature before going to sleep.

Year-Round Appeal

Hotels can often become less popular during different months, depending on the weather. To attract customers all year round, it’s important to provide an appropriate temperature within, changing with the weather. Try a system that offers multiple temperatures, such as an air source heat pump, great for making sure your hotel gains a reputation for customer satisfaction.

Better Air Quality

Without high-quality air conditioning units, hotel rooms can become humid and damp unexpectedly. This can lead to the growth of mould, creating both unsightly and potentially dangerous environments for guests to stay in. Dampness can also encourage unwelcome visitors, such as mice and other pests. We would recommend dehumidifiers in particular, as these are great for taking water from the air.

Our Services

Working across the South West, our experts at Ian Hobbs Technical Services can help you get full control of the environment of your hotel and business. From air conditioning units to cold rooms, we can offer the technical refrigeration services needed to run your business effectively, providing a welcoming environment for guests.

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