What Does ‘NICEIC Approved Contractor’ Mean?

What Does ‘NICEIC Approved Contractor’ Mean?

What Does ‘NICEIC Approved Contractor’ Mean?
What Does ‘NICEIC Approved Contractor’ Mean?

When choosing an electrical contractor for your home or business it is important to ensure that they will be following best practices within the industry carrying out work safely and efficiently in a manner that is compliant with regulations. One clear option to ensure that electrotechnical work is completed to the highest standard is choosing to work with NICEIC-approved contractors. Choosing to work with an NICEIC-approved contractor provides clear quality assurances that work is carried out to the highest standards of professionalism in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

The NICEIC is the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. As an organisation, the NICEIC provides government-approved accreditation to individuals carrying out electrotechnical work. The NICEIC information for consumers to meet the needs of an evolving landscape of market demand for electrotechnical work. This includes information for both contractors and households on the range of options available for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

In providing a clear framework for training requirements in addition to continued professional development, this accreditation provides peace of mind that the standard of work will be high. The quality of electrical installations can have a significant bearing on a wide range of factors including safety, efficient energy usage and the value of a building. For these reasons it is important to know you are choosing the right contractor for the job whether commercial or residential.

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What Are The Requirements For An NICEIC Approved Contractor?

In order for a contractor to be NICEIC approved there are a number of key criteria that must be met. The key requirements relate not only to the required training but to ongoing professional development relating to requirements to remain up-to-date with the latest regulations for electrical work. One of the key requirements of NICEIC-approved contractors is to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the latest standards for electrical work provided by the British Standards Institute. The standards followed in BS 7671 are also referred to as the IET Wiring Regulations.

Some other key criteria to be an NICEIC-approved contractor also relate to BS7671. This includes the requirement for contractors to have the latest edition of BS 7671 and the requirement to issue a certification that work is completed to the required standard once electrotechnical installation work is completed. Part 6 of BS 7671 relates to competence requirements for approved contractors when using test instruments. These regulations help provide assurance for consumers that when working with electricians registered with the NICEIC, design, installation and maintenance work will comply with consistently high standards.

IET Wiring Regulations

The IET Wiring Regulations are central to work carried out by approved contractors. These regulations are relevant to a wide range of professions and provide a clear framework that must be followed when carrying out the design and installation of electrical wiring in addition to maintenance work.

These regulations have far-reaching implications for homeowners. In addition to ensuring the safe and energy-efficient use of electricity, the quality of the design, installation and condition of wiring within a home can have a significant bearing on the value of a house. Whilst the condition of electrical installations would not be included in a typical surveyors report, before purchasing a home or business premises, some prospective buyers choose to carry out an Electrical Installation Report.

Platinum Promise

In addition to the comprehensive, extensive training and ongoing professional development required to be an NICEIC-approved contractor, another key benefit of working with an electrician registered with the NICEIC is the Platinum Promise. If work carried out by an approved contractor on domestic properties, in their area of certification does not comply with required standards the NICEIC will employ a contract to correct the work if the original contractor stops trading.

NICEIC Approved Commercial Electrical Contractors

When choosing to work with a contractor to carry out technical services in electrical design, installation or maintenance work for your business. Considering the investment made in many electrical installation projects in commercial contexts it is crucial that the contractor you choose will provide a safe and energy-efficient installation that is compliant with the latest registrations. The high standards ensured by NICEIC registration are one of the main reasons why so many local authorities will only work with contractors approved by the NICEIC.

Importance Of Using An Approved Contractor

One of the key benefits of working with an NICEIC contractor is the clear assurance provided that work will be completed to the required standard. If work carried out by an approved contractor does not meet the NICEIC requirements for electric work, the NICEIC will ensure that the work is corrected to meet these requirements.

Another important advantage in choosing to work with a contractor approved by the NICEIC is the requirement for the contractor to have at least £2m of cover in public liability insurance. This provides clear, comprehensive protection if there are any issues throughout the course of a project. Ensuring that the contractor you choose to work with has adequate insurance coverage is a key step in choosing the right contractor for your next project.

Finding An Approved Contractor

The NICEIC website provides a search engine to find local approved contractors. This provides the option to search for contractors’ information using either location or company names. The search engine can be used to find NICEIC registered contractors across the full range of certifications including electrical contractors, renewable energy installers and contractors registered with the Competent Persons Scheme. This search engine provides a useful starting point in finding local approved contractors as well as providing the option to verify that contractors are certified with the NICEIC.

Other Steps To Finding An Electrical Contractor

In addition to finding a contractor who is registered with a government-approved electrotechnical registration scheme, there are a number of steps to follow when finding a contractor to work with on a project for your home or business premises. Choosing a contractor with experience carrying out similar projects is key to achieving the best outcome. Getting in contact with a number of different contractors to compare quotes can often be a good step.

Another useful step in choosing a contractor is looking at reviews and testimonials for similar work. Other professional memberships can also provide a clear indication of a contractor’s professionalism and commitment to completing high-quality work. In addition to registration with organisations such as TrustMark, many trusted trade businesses will also have registrations closely related to the specific areas of work regularly carried out. Overall, professional registrations, previous clients and industry experience all provide clear indications of the quality of work a contractor consistently carried out.

Other Registration Organisations

In addition to the NICEIC, there is also a range of other schemes that provide approval for contractors. These include NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers), the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and Stroma. Another electrotechnical registration scheme, ELECSA, was recently closed to new applicants. As this scheme was operated by Certsure, the same company operating ELECSA, using the same criteria for registration, this represented a consolidation of Certsure’s schemes to the scheme with higher awareness.

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