Health & Safety Training Day

Health & Safety Training Day

Manual handling and Asbestos Awareness training course

Last week, the staff at Ian Hobbs Technical Services all took part in a days workshop renewing our manual handling and asbestos awareness training.

The manual handling training covered:

  • Manual handling risk factors and how injuries can occur
  • How to carry out safe manual handling including good handling technique
  • Appropriate systems of work for the individual’s tasks and environment
  • Use of mechanical aids
  • Practical work to allow the trainer to identify and put right anything the trainee is not doing safely.

Following the asbestos awareness training, our staff members are refreshed in their knowledge of asbestos:

  • The origins of Asbestos and where it is found
  • The health hazards caused by asbestos and its routes of entry into the body
  • The locations/products where asbestos containing materials are likely to be found
  • The basic occupiers duties in relation to asbestos

This training will contribute towards making our employees competent in health & safety.