Mitsubishi Partner Programme

Mitsubishi Partner Programme

Ian Hobbs Technical Services are now proud members of the Mitsubishi Partner Programme, underlining our high level of quality in Air Conditioning Installations.

Founded in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric is now a global, market leading environmental technologies manufacturer. Designed to raise industry standards, Mitsubishi Electric have introduced the Partner Programme, primarily to ensure customers of a consistently high level of installation and after sales service to support their systems.

“The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme forges the link between our advance products and professional installation” – Mitsubishi

What is the Partner Programme?

Simply put, Mitsubishi strive to ensure their air conditioning systems are installed to the highest possible standards by contractors. Mitsubishi’s Partners are required to adhere to their technical standards as well as uphold given industry standards and to support the principles of their Green Gateway philosophy.

To be eligible to join the scheme, prospective partners must comply with the necessary building regulations and meet specific industry, programme and CSR standards.

What does this prove?

As a proud Mitsubishi Business Solution Partners (BSP) ourselves, Ian Hobbs Technical Services adhere to rigorous standards of training and installation to ensure customers receive the design, installation and back-up service customers can rely on. Working together, Mitsubishi Electric and Ian Hobbs Technical Services can assure end-users and specifiers alike of the best possible solutions! We are proud to feature in all 6 sectors of the BSP finder; Education, Health, Hotel & Leisure, Retail, Industrial & Office.

You can click here to read more about the Partner Programme and see us on the BSP Finder.